.8.28.09.."Dear Edward....Grrrrrr....."

Dear Mr. Edward,
Hi. Jody here. One of your biggest fans.
Well, I'll get to the point....
Bella, she is somewhat...a ho.
She KISSED Jacob! Hello!? Is that not "grounds for dismissal?!"
My land Boy! How much of this winy-girl can you take?!!!
Yeah, yeah, she smells good...got it.
Just think about it...
Very upset-concerned human
So, yip. You can guess where I'm at..Gah!!
I have only a few chapters or so to go, with book #3 and ....Grrrrrrr!!
Come on people?! Does it get better?
Jacob is a pushy-jerk! Bella is stupid!! Gahhh!!
I can't wait til I'm done with this series..but I still love how it captures you and draws you in..
I read at night ,prior to bed and then my poor hubby is already fast asleep, and I stay awake ...just another chapter...okay, one more chapter.....Okaaaaaay ONE more chapter....
Then, I get all flustered and thinking of the book and slam it shut.
Turn off the light.
Hastily put myself under the covers and grumble,grumble.....then my Mr. says.." Bella being stupid again?" in a sleepy voice....


Lindsey said…
Hahah love the picture!!
Ian & Jess said…
BAhaha you are too cute. Ahh if only we could get rid of retarded Bella, the world could actually have Edward all to themselves.

P.S. Hellloooo...It is almost time for New Moon. I am about to pee my pants in excitement.
HAHAHAHA told you! I was so that same way! Couldn't put it down. The last book takes a few turns so hold on!
But Bella is STUPID all the way threw so get used to it! lol
Now you so know why I was reading at the cabin....lol I was reading book three then!

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