8.29.09.."It was HUGE!!!"

Okay, I know.... this is really grossing some of you out...sorry. Not my intentions here.
This..we believe..is a baby TRANCHULA!! Baby? Or maybe a Wolf spider?????

I just want to show you what my poor husband has to endure! He's scared of these suckers and frankly...it makes me do a boogie dance and kick my leg in the air too!
Taking these pics made me sooooooo nervous!! EEEkkKKkk!!!!

I'm so proud of him though. He's come such a looong waaay!! He now comes and finds me to point out these spiders!
Don't get me wrong. He still screams. Not as bad.


Tracy-Girl said…
that is SO funny! eww, I hate spiders too!! eeeekkk
Jillian, Inc said…
OMG - I am so afraid of spiders. I think I can even handle snakes more (...or maybe it's a toss-up). eeekkkk
The Pink Chick said…
That is one huge spider! Eeeek!
Ian & Jess said…
Omg - That is just straight up sick nasty!!!
Jen~nae said…
THOSE ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Are those just on your porch??? AH!!! So now that we know there are plenty of NASTY huge spiders to scare Daren with....Are there any lovely snakes around those parts??? lol
Miss Anne said…

I would freak the eff out too!

Scary stuff girl!

Miss-happypants said…
SOOOO GROSSSSS!!!! You can see the beadie little eyes! I so don't know how to spell beedie...beedy...beetie...beady...I don't know...anyways, you get the point. EWWWW

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