8.6.09..."Thanful Thursday..."

Okay I'm extremely thankful for simple things...
Like my lil' ol' shower radio!
I rock out in the mornings, listen to the news and all about the weather....love it!
I tried a CD player one...it crashed...boo..

However, the trick to enjoying this lil' feature-thing....is to keep both FEET PLANTED!
No REAL DANCING...you will want to though, cuz music is invigorating! No lifting your legs and standing on one foot...or doing the rump shaker....don't get that carried away..just may knock over your shower caddy...
Now, the singing is fun too! Watch out American Idol I just may audition..not.
But it's simple and enjoyable.!


Lindsey said…
Haha you are so cute!
Jen~nae said…
Jody True!!! HAHA!!! That was a HILARIOUS blog!!! The rump shaker??!! What??!! haha You crack me up!!
Ashley Pizarro said…
hahaha I LOVE it! I would be rockin' out every morning! :) I really need to get me one of those!
LOL that is great. You wanting to relive your shower washing trip again...lol.
I can just imagine. next thing you know you see your feet above your head!!! LOL
Oh sweetie....we are to old to make it on American Idol!
Tracy-Girl said…
YOU are so cute!! I love shower radios! :)
Nicole said…
love my radio shower tooo!!! Cute blog! im new to your page!
Miss Anne said…
My shower radio = my morning love.
:) i sing/dance/wake up to the tunes.

love it!

xoxoxxo miss you!
Feel free to "Rump Shake" in the shower as often as you like--as long as you don't hurt yourself.
Miss-happypants said…
Rump shaking is okay...you just can't spin around or anything like that...cuz you may end up doing the splits without trying.

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