"New Toy Alert!"

Okay, first.
I did not take this picture.
But, I'm so freakin' excited :)

I just received my Luminess Airbrush kit in the mail.
Loooooove it.
Looooooooooooooooooooooove it to pieces.

My little sister looks so fabulous all the time.
 I love the way she does her make-up...so flawless looking.
So I hired a "private I" to watch her and exactly  how she does her make-up....
You know...a girl never reveals ALL her secrets...
Well, Lol' and 'behold! She uses an airbrush! AHHHH!!!!
So, I started snoopin' and found this on line. It's from Luminess and AW-sum!
Come to find out-it's the same one she has! HA!!
So ladies word of advice:
 don't ever play with this,{ for the first time ,at least}
 after you'd had a couple drinks.
just sayin'...
But after I get it perfected- I imagine I will love it again and again!!
So far this is the Bomb-diggity-bomb!


Kyla said…
oh my gosh, how fun! is it easy to use?
Expat Girl said…
Omg so I just googled and I want it! Once you get used to it, let me know if it is really worth buying and I will be on it : )
Christyrenee said…
That is SO cool! I can't wait to hear how it is!!!
Trish said…
ok so now you have my attention...I have to know more details!!!!

YOu can't hise in from ME! and I want to see before & after pic's to...oh...what the heck...go ahead and make us a short infomercial of your self so we can all see it in action!

Oh how awesome I want one now! Once you get use to it will you tell me if its worth buying or not.
I want to hear more about this... :)
Miss Anne said…
oh for fancy.
please post before and after pics
and do tell.. the price?
Anonymous said…
Awesome...can't wait to see how it looks!
The Pink Chick said…
I have heard about these, and they have definitely sparked my interest. I can't wait to hear your review on it!
Anonymous said…
I have wanted that so bad.......Ever since I saw it on a commercial!! Please do tell!! Is it easy to use?!?! And show a before and after that would be fun!! Is it expensive??
I want to see pictures of you messing around with this after a couple drinks.....

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