Sometimes as I do things...and I think:
"Thank Goodness, there is No camera around!!!"

I think sometimes?
"Am I normal? Some things I do...
habit? Or what?"

*I always seem to run the water AS I'M BRUSHING MY TEETH! Why do I do this?The toothbrush is not even touching the water? I turn it off...my hand sneaks back up there...and turns it back on...

*I always have my mouth W-I-D-E open as I apply my eye make-up.
 Does this help? I try keeping my mouth closed.
Doesn't go on the same.

*When I hold up a dress to myself ( or any clothes at that matter ) and look in the mirror
...I always hold out one leg.
Why? I have two. Is it a done deal if it looks good with one leg?
 We all do this!!! Huh girls!

*I constantly open the fridge...others do this too! {I've heard people talk about this..} Is
there magically going to be something new in the last 3 minutes?

*When someone ticks me off in traffic..I yell at them!
My windows are up.I'm the only one in the car.Can they hear me? Nope. But I continue to do this...why?

* I always have the urge to wear white "When MY Aunt Comes To visit!" {hopefully you women know what this means....} That is a awful color to wear at that time!! Stuff always happens to me!!
 I still do it..

I have weird behaviors...there are more, you know.
Any of you have weird behaviors? or anybody else do any of these?
Don't You Dare say I'm the Only one!
I'll call you out! Lol!
Have a great day.


Trish said…
sadly my friend you are not alone! I CAN NOT brush my teeth with the water off..can't do it!!! If the waters off my hand stops moving back & forth....strange huh?

I always talk to the people on TV...why you ask...I don't have a clue!

...and I can't talk with out moving my hands. If you were to hold my hands I wouldn't be able to speak....

....but thats just ME!
Kaitlin said…
As I was reading this I kept thinking, "yup me to...me too!" Hooray for silly habits.
Jen~nae said…
haha you are hilarious girly! But I definitely do the yelling at other drivers when my windows are up! OR!! Even worse I will talk to them and thank them if they like let me in traffic or when I'm trying to tell them to go ahead of me. I always say, "go ahead" or "thanks" out loud...Everytime after I do it I realize I'm a dork cuz they cant hear me...and they have to see me moving my lips....lol Oh well..I cant help it either!! :)
These are hilarious! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Miss Anne said…
You're the only one.


jk! I think i'm guilty of alot of the same oddities!

Esp the makeup one... in fact just this morning while putting on mascara in the mirror i caught myself with my mouth wide open, and i shut it. Only to find it gaping open again on the other eye.


I used to always leave the water running when my brushing my teeth too. Until I moved in with a girl in college who was a FREAK about wasting water. Seriously, she would break down the bathroom door to turn the water off if I left it on! Eventually I just learned to turn it off!

And I will open the refrigerator door so many times it's ridiculous. Just waiting on something to magically appear I guess!
Lindsey said…
Oh my goodness!! Cutest. picture. ever.
Jocelyn said…
Hilarious! I too kept agreeing at your post! Isn't if funny the little quirks that we all have...

hey, i tried to email you again...guess the spam monster got that one too. did you look in your spam folder??? I wanted to see if you wanted to do some card challenges together:-)
Amber said…
Nope - you're not alone. I have super strange behaviors as well like telling my puppies "Mommy loves you - have a great day!" every time I leave the house. Whoops! :)

Love your blog - super cute!
Too funny! I do so many of those and many more bizarre things. I think sometimes it's good I live alone. I could never be on a reality show because then my secrets would be out.

You're too funny :)
Miss-happypants said…
I do most of those, lol. Except I never get the urge to wear white pants...ever. lol
Hahaha, this is hilarious! :) I'm with you on the whole keeping the water on while brushing teeth thing.
The Pink Chick said…
Hello sweet friend! I mentioned you in my blog today. I hope you don't mind!
I feel like I wrote this post...haha! Very cute!

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