"Phew! I didn't make it on here..."

{witness protection program, perhaps?}

I'll have to admit:
Whenever the Mr. and I run to Walmart...I feel like, when I get dressed in a hurry..
."Will this make it on the website?"

What the??? Is that a Baby? In there!?
I knew it!
Excuse Mam? What isle did you get those on?

Those shoes don't go with THAT?!!!
Some people...

I may..or may not.
Have this Exact shirt in my closet.

But NOT this shirt.

Buy One, Get One FREE!!

How could you not know????....

Have a great Day full of Laughter!


Trish said…
these just made my day!!!!

...and you know he felt a draft on his backside...he WAS in the freezer section....duh??????

So glad to see you dodged the camera this time :O)
lol oh geez! that's rough! i wonder if some people will start doing it on purpose! lol
JennyMac said…
the lady in the tshirt about loading is about the most awful thing I could envision this morning..LOL.
Jen~nae said…
NASTY!!!!!!!!! Jody! At first I thought you had taken the first coupla pics!!! lol Then I caught on...haha Those people are ridiculous!
Expat Girl said…
omg those are too funny! walmart was definitely a culture shock for me when I first moved to America and those pictures just confirm it. I will have to find the websites so my parents don't think I am lying when I talk about it!
Lindsey said…
Oh my gosh!!!! Hilarious!
Miss Anne said…

You would NEVER make it on there!

Christyrenee said…
These pics on this site are just too much!!! LOL. Some of them are so funny and then some are just disturbing and downright creepy! Gotta love it!!!
Anonymous said…
haha them are so freaking funny,,i love ppl the make the world a better place lol,,,,tami
Miss-happypants said…
hahahaha, those were a few I hadn't seen yet. What the hell was that lady thinking putting her baby under all of that stuff...are you fricken kidding me?
I wish I had a camera a few years back...and this one turned my stomach. Walmart...of course....a woman who looked to be in the 4-500 lb range rolls in on one of those motor buggy carts for old folks or hurt people. And so I try to NOT notice her....but to my detriment and horror of my eyes...I catch a glance of her "skin" apron hanging down between her calves out from under her skirt....and then if that wasn't bad enough she had a catheter in and a urine bag swinging next to her skin apron....

Now, I am not one to make fun of fat folks, sick folks, or folks just coming out of surgery...as I have had my own catheter once and IT WAS NOT something I would ever consider strolling into Walmart with. But this WAS TOO MUCH. I was sick to the stomach in embarrassment for HER, and FOR MY EYES and MY KIDS

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