"Hey ! What the!?"

You know:
 I very rarely yell at the TV....
I don't watch football,
 but if someone was walking past our house at the right moment.
 You'd think I was watching a game! 
But nope.I'd be yelling..at stupid JAKE!!!!
I WAS yelling...

Boy, he's starting to get on my nerves! What a pansy-a**!
SO Flippin' DraMatIc!!!!! C'MON!!!!!
..."Chris do I have to give out 2 more Roses?"....UGH!!!!
I really do like him and all...
Ladies: His flaw has been found.

He's a sissy-la-la. NOT COOL.

Yes, he's sensitive. We get that.
But get rid of Vienna.
Big Baby.
You know you want Ali.

Now for the girls.
Crying? B/c someone leaves? What the heck are you there for? A girlscout pow-wow!? A friendly get-together?
Realty check.
There is only one WINNER!!!
If I was on the show, and got a rose... 
 I wouldn't cry, if a girl left.
I'd be doing the "Arsenio Hall" arm motion! Woot! WooT!
 Then do a lil' "Roger Rabbit".
 Gown in all.
Yip.with the heels!
Maybe bring out the cardboard and do a lil' breakin'...
I'd be happy if someone else went home.
Reality shows.


Trish said…
thats why I can't stand that show! I tried to watch the first episode but all the girls just got on my nerves & I haven't turned it back on sense!

...but it makes me wonderful if they just don't see how stupid & over dramatic they all are....GET A LIFE GIRLS!

oh, and if a man can't mow the grass, change the oil in my car and change a flat tire without calling the body shop...HE'S NOT FOR ME!
....{{side note}} my hubs can do all those things & even washes my car too :O)
Trish said…
oh, by the way....where teh heck have you been?????

....I ahve missed ya girlie!
Christyrenee said…
LOL, I thought Jake was right to send those girls packin!! He didn't have a connection with them. I'll admit, he can be kind of a pansy, but I like it, lol. Maybe it's the fact that he's so hunky and manly looking I feel like he can get away with it. And oh yea, the girls!!! Your Arsenio comment made me LOL! They are def annoying. I think he should have sent Vienna home too!
Maria Lane said…
You are so funny! That made me laughg so hard! I like Vianna, but now getting mixed vibes from her! B/c of what she did last episode! "No I'LL go last"..........WHen he asked her ot come talk to him!?!? Uh....how bout, you should of gone when he asked you........But she wanted to be dramatic!! And now hes being dramatic, I mean he could have jsut sent them packing b/c he knew he didnt want to be with those two, he just didnt have a connection wuth them......But whatever, this show has gotten confusing, and I like Allie but she still looks immature and very insecure when all she does is talk about Vianna..she would be much prettier/likeable if she would just keep that crap to her self. Ya know?! I agree with you on some of it for sure:)
Jen~nae said…
You need to be on Big Brother!! :) You would be HILARIOUS!!!
I just started following your blog and was looking through your recent posts. Absolutely agree with you about Jake being a pansy. There are certain rules (I guess you would call them) on the Bachelor and he just keeps changing the way the show goes. I understand that he's just trying to send everybody home right away when there's "no connection" but still. And he definitely needs to send Vienna home...she drives me CRAZY! Wonder what will happe this week...maybe he'll cut it down to 2 girls. HAHA.

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