"Before/During/After Pictures"

What's there to do on a Weekend night you say?
I know-
Have your Mr. color your hair!

I have had my hair colored, and done at $alon$ for year$!
It's great at first, then...it's never the way I liked it!
So, my sweet lil sister hooked me up with what the ladies use at the salons{girls you would poop your pants when you know how much the salons spend on products....I did my hair for less than $6.00}
But after this little production we put on: I have to upmost respect for HAIRDRESSERS!
Okay, mixing the color and all...not bad..anyone can do it.
But, Oh Mighty! The tinfoil part!
The Mr. tried to help and THat IS THE worst part!
He'd smear the color in and then wrap my hair like a bake potatoe!
He'd randomly grab pieces here and there and wrap'em all up-getting ready for the Bar-B-Q!
We both were laughing so hard.
When your Mr. says over and over during this event:
"Baby, no matter what you look like, you'll always be beautiful to me.."
There is something terribly-bad gonna happen!
He also kept saying:
"This is like a Rats' nest!"
That! Made me about pee my pants.
But in all we had fun..
This is the "AFTER" Photo (yes, my hair came out redish/brown??...)
Awful photo...bad lighting...just a bad pix!

I used my "Luminess Airbrush System" also..
Okay: I have used this thing everyday since it came.
I love it.
SOOOOO easy to use!
I like the "I'm-hardly-wearing-make-up-look."
I can't stand the "caked look" at all!
You can do as must coverage as you like..or as less...
There is such a fine mist/amount going on your face that I do this with my contacts in, and my eyes open..I go around my eyes and everything!
The DVD it comes with, is wonderful and very helpful :)
If you do your make-up everyday..you'll love this**
I also have sensitive skin and this doesn't bother it at all!
I got it @ HSN for a great price!
Go check it out!

Have a great Day!!

{ P.s.s.s.T!!
This is post #300!
Wow..in the short time I have had my blog..
I've had alot to say..
or not.}


Expat Girl said…
Awww thats so cute he tried to help! I think your hair turned out great : )
Beth Dunn said…
You look great!
I really like it! And so sweet of him to do it for you!
Well Well sexy lady you look marvelous I LOVE the hair..I think it was so sweet of your hubs to help you color your hair....LOVE IT GIRLIE...

♥Stephanie H.
Kyla said…
You're so cute!! Hubby did a good job helping you:)
Brown Girl said…
Your hair looks fabulous but no way in hell could I convince M to do that, ever!!
Miss Anne said…
you are adorable.
i think darin may have another occupation option on his hands ;)

lol :)

miss you gorgeous!
Trish said…
OMG I think he should win the husband of the year award!!!!!

I really think iyours turned out great!. I started coloring my own hair this past August. It only cost me $10 for the Loreal Feria hair color(have not attempted to do the highlights yet) but I must say I was very impressed with myself and I am getting better each time I do it.

Props to ya girl & "Mr. Kitchen Beautician" :O)
I think it looks great and you look fabulous!
does it 'feel' just as light? I can't stand wearing make up everyday....let alone DOING the process....but I would pay a good deal of money to have make up that DOES NOT FEEL LIKE I just smeared axle grease all over. YUCK Not that I have that problem anymore... I have been using mineral makeup for a about 5 years now
Jen~nae said…
You look Beautius!!! :) You two make a great hair coloring team!!! :) Looks great!

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