They Keep Comin'!"

I knew Barney was real...
Great now I'll have nightmares..

Got me, my saw....I'm ready to go!

This picture speaks for itself...ugh!

Hey! Don't judge...those boots are very comfortable...
I have a pair.
or two...

Dude: You never let the slip show!
Oh- and those shoes?!
All wrong...

You promised Ice Creeeeeeeam if I was gooooooood!" 

Umm. nope.

Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice!
3 Times right?

I think the prescription needs to be changed on your glasses dude.
Your wig is allllllll wrong!!

Continue having a great day!!! :)


Vanessa said…
do they get paid to walk around in that as a gag? My gosh!!
Anonymous said…
This post has officially made my day. I love this site, it's such a guilty pleasure. Where do these people come from. I only hope that I don't see myself on there one day. HAhah!
Christyrenee said…
OMG! That top pic with the tail is just downright creepy!!! And the beetlejuice comments really made me LOL! You are too funny ;)
Miss Anne said…
I seriously love that site. Sad thing? I have seen a few of my own peeps in Walmart (Lebanon even) that could go on that site!

:) Miss you!
OMG!!! I can't believe people really dress like that..I Love the one where the kids hangin on to the back Pahahahaha...Seriously thanks for makin me have a good laugh...Have a Great day girlie...
Juliana said…
I am laughing so hard right now!!!
Amanda said…
omg, i LOVE people of walmart!! haha! just wanted to let you know that i really enjoy your blog!!
all the best!

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