"Get Yer Craft On!

The inside of a" Tag Book" I made,
for  one of my older sisters, Pam.
I Think This lil File Folder labeled "Vet Bills" is the cutest thing on here!
If anyone of you have animals...this file is LARGE!
The back of the Tag Book.

The front of the Book...
Yes, I put the pictures in a weird order.
Don't judge.
Now this cute lil' card creation is for a friend of mine that is expecting her first child.
After the first pix was taken I added some detailed BLING!
Are you surprised?
She has a pearl necklace, and matching ear-rings. LOL!!
Even her cute lil shoes are Blinged out! :)
The Mr. liked the shoes the best....

Down to her stylish purse,
pearl bracelet, and a Bling- Ring!!!
I love creating :)

Have a fabulous Day My sweet Friends* and Family* :)

Sidenote: nothing to do with the post...
I went to follow another blogger, and I answered all the Q's and all.....
Well, Thanks to my brilliance...
I'm now A Proud Follower of...
Dork Jody.


Christyrenee said…
Wow! So pretty!! I wish I was creative like that =)
Trish said…
I love them! Where do you get all these neat ideas!!

Oh...I could use some of her BLING but not belly...tehehehe!

Have a lovely weekend girlie!
Jen~nae said…
Those are SOOOO Cute Jody! Gosh I sure am getting sick of saying how amazingly crafty you are. :) :) Just kidding! You really have amazing talent though! SO JEALOUS!!!
Meg said…
bwahaha...I love it!

You are sooo good at crafting - I'm really jealous. I'm gonna send you wedding pictures and you can make my wedding scrapbook, k? Thanks! ;)
That preg card is SO cute!! Just about everyone I know is expecting, so I could really use some cute card ideas. Is that from a card kit? Where did you get it...I have to have it!!
Those are precious!!! your so creative..
Stephanie said…
That is soo cute! Gotta have the bling! :)
Maria Lane said…
I LOVE them girl!!!! How cute!!! You are very creative!:)
Kyla said…
How cute- I LOVE the card :)
Can you teach me how to craft? Every time I make something, it turns out all wrong. Whenever you post your creations, I marvel on how well they come out. I guess some people have the creative talent and others don't. Perhaps I should just stick to singing. What do you think?
Krystal said…
I love your creations! aunt Pam is going to love the tag book! your projects always inspire me!
Amanda said…
that little card is SO SO cute!!! i wish i was that creative! and thanks for telling me about how to make the signature!
all the best!

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