"...and they're off!"

Since Hot Springs has a huge horsetrack...
we decided to go check out what has caused and will continue to cause,
 all these traffic jams,
 and what all the "Hub-Bub" is all about!

Awwww.....the horses are so beautiful.
Watching them gave me goosebumps!

This horse...#10. We already placed our bets..$2.
And then when I SAW him. I told the Mr.
#10 will win.
Guess what? He did!

Beautiful weather!

{this is the gosh-awful pic you get, when you ask a NON-Picture-Taker-Person to take your picture! I wanted to say: "Thank you so much, but do you mind taking an another?"} The Mr. Would have DIED!

Great friends :)
We met up with some dear friends of ours-

{who are getting married in June! EEKK!!}

We tried to act like we knew what we were doing..{betting}
We had NOT-A-Clue!
We did win $4.60...
Whoo! Hoo!

Since racing season is only for a couple more months...I best be eating more of these delish sandwiches!
Ohhhh they are good!
All in all-it was fun!
By all means-we will be back for the food.
And look at the power-house horses.


That looks like so much fun! Ive always wanted to go to the derby and wear a big hat! Maybe one day! Thank you for all of your nice comments!
Trish said…
oh wow...I love horse races(well growing up in Kentucky I really had no choice...huh?) We use to leave school after lunch and head out to Keenland to watch the races...WAY FUN! I was never too good at winning and $$$$ cause I would always bet for the horse with the cutest name...{{oh well}}
Ashley Pizarro said…
Looks like so much fun! :) I have never been to a horse race before.
Trish said…
oh, I have an award for ya too!!!...over on my blog! :O)
Jocelyn said…
That looks like so much fun! Haha! I always ask people to take another shot, just in case. You might be able to salvage the pic with some editing...warm it up some and add some more contrast:-)
Miss Anne said…
yay! sounds like a blast! and my dear you look so beautiful!

miss you much~
That looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to go to a horse race..
Jen~nae said…
man jod! You should have bet more money! hehe Those horses are gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to a horse race! Mindy said she wants to take Kendra and I sometime! Looks like you had a blast missy!!!
I agree with Jen, you should have bet more. Oh well, maybe next time. The horses are beautiful. If I were to go to a race, I would probably go just to see the horses (with or without placing a bet). I probably won't place the bet, I'm not very good at gambling. I'm glad you had fun though.
Miss-happypants said…
looks like a fun time. I'm glad you are trying some new things out that are common to that area. Fun!

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