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So I read an article or something... or maybe I saw it on TV??? But in real life-these two are married?! Awesome! Neat-O! LoVe LOVE love this series!! Okay, I'm bummed that she got tricked into drinking Eric's blood in all... but, I kinda like Eric also.. So confusing!!!! Tara is ALWAYS getting into some trouble. Sam needs to ditch his fam.. or is it????? Hmmmmm????

"Well, He did It!"

The Mr. just couldn't wait to trade his truck in for the handsome truck. Very nice. He searched and searched all over for this truck. Its the Ford Platinum Edition. This is a 2009. It's used, and in great condition. Looks new, and only 6,000 miles on it. You'd cry if I typed the price.. He got a great deal!
Our other vehicles were just giving out. Gotta have something reliable to drive to work...
Have a great day!

"Keratin Hair Treatment"

I feel that most us women, wish we had some sort of different hair,  than what we were born with. I know I sure do! This wavy hair...ugh!!
My wonderful hairdresser introduced me to this "Keratin Hair Treatment" {vs. the Brazillian Blowout. This is not this} Wow. What a difference. smooth. silky. manageable. no fly aways. great for the humidity here. Love it!!
I know, I know, pics. I haven't had time... sorry. I think the hardest thing ever was the after care , prior to your first shampooing. No clips,  ponytails,  pulling hair back, do not put hair behind ears, no sunglasses on head, DO NOT SWEAT! Sleep with a silk scarf around head. DO NOT GET YOUR HAIR WET! Absolutely no creases in hair! for 72 hours.

On the last day of my hair-marathon.. I was feeling good about all this. I was at work,  had my appt. to go have her shampoo &  style right after work.. I was doing a dental on a dog. The ultrasonic scaler spits out water... I looked down,  half way through. My hair was soaked. On the ends. My heart sank. MY H…

"Guilty Pleasure"

While the Mr. was stationed in Iraq,  he was able to get caught up on his favorite shows in his down time. Funny, huh? Down time? However he talked alot of a Showtime series "Dexter" ????? Huh? What's this? Well, he came home and introduced me to this fabulous Showtime series. Dexter. LOvE It!! I find myself prior to moving out to Arkansas..running home and catching up on all  the episodes and seasons... Addicting I say! After we moved out to Arkansas it just got worse. I talked so much about it at work and tried and tried to get one person involved so I could have something to talk about.. She finally caved in and she got the rest of the clinic hooked. Yes!! Dexter fans we are! I was really scared at first b/c everyone presented themselves in a different way and I was nervous that if they knew I liked such a  revolting series. {c'mon he does kill people. but he's Dexter. It's okay. And it's just TV} I would be judged harshly. So I felt my way through first.
But anyhow, LoVe lOvE …

"Theeeeeey arrrre Baaack!"

Yummers! Been awaiting your arrival my lil' Friends! I purchased my 5 bags for the season. Good to go!
Have a Delish Day!!

"Please to meet you Mr. Monk. Are We related?"

I really thought I was normal. {watching Mr. Monk as I'm typing this..} All my DVD's & CD's  organized alphabetically? How easy to find! The library is organized... Are they called OCD? Are they freaks? So, I like color coordinated things... {The ladies I work with-insist on, writing in different colors on our dry erase board at work!!! Yea- can you imagine!? Drives me crazy! WHY would you want different colors?! It's so easy to read when all the colors are  uniformed...duh..} Is this so bad? I can't go to bed if I know something is a mess... My Mom told me and she LIVED by this.. "Always have your home cleaned and presentable as if your going to expect company at any moment..." AHHH!!! Music to my ears.. Something about CLEAN. ORGANIZATION. THINGS IN ORDER. That makes my OCD heart sing... LaaaaaaaLALALALAAAAaaa!!!! I once dated a {creep} guy who once convinced me I was mentally disturbed b/c I liked things in order/clean...he had me go on Paxil for this...he convinced …

"Meet Buddy..."

Hello. My name is Buddy. Well, that's what they call me. They? "They" are the strangers that feed me and let me play with their human kids on Sundays when I go down to the church. Let me tell you about my life so far. I had a family. once. A couple years ago my familys home burned down and they got out. and left me. Left me here at this burned down home. Will they come back and get me? I'm still here at this burned down home waiting. Until then, I go around the neighborhood and these kind humans feed me and kids play with me. But I always return home. You will always find me here. I'm what they call a Deer Dog {????} Perhaps I was mistaken for a Deer? Someone shot me in the head,and now I have a bullet and pieces of metal in my nose and neck.  Which makes it hard to breath. I make awful noises and sounds...this is what alerted one of the people who feeds me on occasion. She took me to these great people at a Vet's office and they will do surgery on me. But I'm in no one…

"A-Ten-Shon Coffee LoVeRS!!!!"

For some awful reason... The Mr. and I, have extremely bad luck with two things.. coffee pots. and. cameras. This coffee machine has been the best thing ever! Fresh cup and can always have different flavors.. I do like GOOD coffee. I like the Foo-Foo coffees... Living in Seattle has "spoiled me rotten" with good coffee... However, this lil' machine.. It's like going to the Cafe and having self serve! Iced coffee, hot tea {yummy Green Tea!},  iced tea {gross.not a fan}, flavored coffee,bold,mild coffee... Oh! And Hot Apple Cider!!!{leg kick}  YUMMY To The Tummers! Loving this machine! {eyes wide, and extremely excited at this moment!} The Mr. comes home at night and looks forward to his coffee. Great machine and highly recommend it. Just a little. Have a great Day:) Have YOU Had A Good Cup Of Coffee Today? eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!

"Dream BIG. It Will. Happen..."

Whoo! Hoo! We did it! After months of research, going from dealer to dealer, comparing other vehicles to this....we made our decision. Well, the Jeep Liberty was becoming unreliable.... {it was good to me while it lasted..} Nothing compares to this little Lady.. Meet our newest addition to the family. A Cadillac SRX We love it! I tell ya, "Kit" from Knight Rider has nothing on the Little Lady! It's amazing and more. The Mr. is on sensory overload.. he's overwhelmed with what this car does, have, and can do.. I just drive. He's playing with every gadget! Takes the manual to bed and reads about it. The one thing this car has that I fell in love with was.. it has cooled seats. I could not find another vehicle that had this feature.. Well, in my $ range.. C'Mon! It's awesome! It's hot. Muggy.. And the sun roof is the length of the car {almost} the sun beating down in the summer time....yip. That's right...cooled seats, I say! A. Mazing.
Have a great Day!

Now What???

I had a very interesting conversation with a brand new Mom at the Mr's company picnic.. She asked.. "So, now that you and the Mr. have your home or you going to try for a baby?" ????????????????????????????????????? Huh? What? I had to actually think of this. I answered, "I'm not sure if we can afford me not working? We are so comfortable where we are at in our lives...I dunno?"
So, That brings me to you Mommies out there.. I'm a planner. I planned to pay off our vehicles. I planned when to buy this house.. I plan vacations.. I have lists of lists around our home! How can you plan on bringing a new life in the world. Realistically? I would love to have a wonderful baby as wonderful as the Mr. How wonderful? How exciting. I would be honored. However, my brain goes into planning mode... Oh well. If the good Lord blesses us, then it was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. Have a wonderful blessed day :)

We Can't Decide!

There are so many chandeliers out there! Weird ones, crazy ones, and there are some that makes you scratch your head and say: "I'd never pick that, but somehow it looks good in here..." It's not like we can't decide b/c we can't agree... It's just that we would like to know our selection first,  then decide... but the selection won't stop and the more we look the more we can't decide!! Gahhh!! They are a huge majority that is just beautiful! I don't want huge, and it drowns the house. But I would like the look of it to set the feel of the home??? Something that when you walk in you see it but your eyes keep moving...not fixate on the darn thing!
I'll keep ya posted :) Have a beautiful day!

The Company Picnic was a success...very fun :)

The Day was filled with laughter and fun! The Mr.'s work had a company picnic for the weekend.. Lots to do and these ladies (above pictured) went above and beyond the call of duty! I had lots to take pics of! I had no idea who 80% of these people were, but that didn't stop me from taking pics! Below is just a sample of some of my fav pics..
 This is Mr's Boss.
I love this pic b/c is shows his tender side.
 This is the proud Mommy :)
 She is soooo darn cute!
 I'm not sure who these two were,
but I had to take this shot.
Lil' bitty Foot it is! Proud Grammy xoxo  The Mr. was the perfect person in the Dunk Tank!
He heckled people and it made you want to hit the darn target!
No...I couldn't do it.
I was taking pics.
Now this shot... He darn near hit me with the horseshoe!

Hope you had a great Day! More pics tomorrow! :)