"Guilty Pleasure"

While the Mr. was stationed in Iraq,
 he was able to get caught up on his favorite shows in his down time.
Funny, huh?
Down time?
However he talked alot of a Showtime series
What's this?
Well, he came home and introduced me to this fabulous Showtime series.
LOvE It!!
I find myself prior to moving out to Arkansas..running home and catching up on all  the episodes and seasons...
Addicting I say!
After we moved out to Arkansas it just got worse.
I talked so much about it at work and tried and tried to get one person involved so I could have something to talk about..
She finally caved in and she got the rest of the clinic hooked.
Dexter fans we are!
I was really scared at first b/c everyone presented themselves in a different way and I was nervous that if they knew I liked such a  revolting series.
{c'mon he does kill people. but he's Dexter. It's okay.
And it's just TV}
I would be judged harshly.
So I felt my way through first.

But anyhow,
This season  {5} is awesome!

I was jumping up and down on the couch last Sunday while watching it!
Dang it Dexter!
You get into sticky situations and almost give me a heart attack when I feel your going to get caught...
Okay, what's with Quinn?
He lost so much weight!!??
Mr. Skinny -gaunt-face!
Please say it's not drugs..
he did it the healthy way..

Cracks me up!
Never know what's coming out his mouth.
And I'm still shocked.
Gotta have a Masuka in the clan. :)
I have a BFF back home that is Debra.
Mouth and all.
I love her for it!
She can get away with it and still look gorgeous.
She calls anybody/everybody out and it's great!
{love u Min.}

Have a great day!


Sunshinemeg said…
Masuka rocks my world. That retarded laugh he does when he is beig a sleeze ball cracks me up. I never thought I would like a show like Dexter, but I adore it. Dexter is a great character (not to mention so hot!) I agree 110% with you on this post. I am dying to know what happens with Quinn and Deb? I see something happening to Quinn very soon with that creepy ex-cop he has hired. It's a bad road I'm guessing! We will have to catch up again after next week's episode.

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