"Please to meet you Mr. Monk. Are We related?"

I really thought I was normal.
{watching Mr. Monk as I'm typing this..}
All my DVD's & CD's  organized alphabetically?
How easy to find!
The library is organized...
Are they called OCD?
Are they freaks?
So, I like color coordinated things...
{The ladies I work with-insist on, writing in different colors on our dry erase board at work!!! Yea- can you imagine!? Drives me crazy! WHY would you want different colors?! It's so easy to read when all the colors are  uniformed...duh..}
Is this so bad?
I can't go to bed if I know something is a mess...
My Mom told me and she LIVED by this..
"Always have your home cleaned and presentable as if your going to expect company at any moment..."
Music to my ears..
Something about
That makes my OCD heart sing...
I once dated a {creep} guy who once convinced me I was mentally disturbed b/c I liked things in order/clean...he had me go on Paxil for this...he convinced the Dr. I was mentally disturbed and the Dr. actually asked me...
"Jody, when you shut a door is it shut? How many times do you lock the door?"
Yip! He drilled me and I was convinced I was mental...
He was the professional.
He knew more than me....
I wasn't normal.
I had to struggle with this.
I went into severe depression,
 b/c if I even clean or organized...
He'd go into a frenzy!
It was very depressing that cleanliness and keeping things looking nice was a known as a  mental disorder.
Did I mention he was an ex?
After meeting my wonderful-clean-organized-normal-sweet husband
I was back to myself.
He loved me for ME.
I wasn't ashamed of being me.
He loves and appreciates a clean home.
Our home HAS to smell and look like we don't have animals.
Now, when I was growing up..
I never once heard my Mom say:
"Jody, clean your room!"
Never heard these words through her lips.
Now, My Brother Clint (love you!) and my sweet lil' sis Tammy (love you too!)
Well, they were... {clear throat-gulp} messy.
Their rooms were awful! Ha! Ha!
I remember loving to go into their rooms b/c it was like a treasure hunt!
You never knew what you'd find!
Not NOW though..they are both keep a spotless home. :)
love you two! :)

But Mr. Monk is my hero and when the Mr. and I starting watching this..all I heard from him...
"Oh my gosh! That's you! "
He cracks up and laughs of how Monk and I are alike.
Oh well, I guess it's better than
Mr. Archie Bunker!

Have a wonderful Clean Day!


Please don't have children. You sound like my MIL who ruined my husband!

I love you a million times over...but if you call me up one day because the baby didn't poop on time, or the poop didn't have a uniform color and texture with the previous day's digestives stacked up in alphabetical order....I will call the "men in white coats"

We need to talk about this...seriously...you aren't deranged or strange, but the best things in my life have come from happy, disorganized and unplanned accidents.

I am planning on dropping by your place in December...or close to New Year's....I will bring my couch with me and you can tell me all about it....ROFLOL

I love you dear! Can't wait to see you!
Meg said…
I LOVE Mr. Monk. I didn't realize how OCD I was until we started watching this show. We went through all 8 seasons fast. :)
Heather said…
My husband calls me Monk!! We love that show. :)
Miss-happypants said…
lol....you are definitely OCD....but not strange. Well...maybe in other ways. lol. There is nothing wrong with a clean house. I wish mine were that clean. I need a Jody to keep my house that spotless. You can tell I have a dog. The little shits paw prints are all over my sliding glass window. No need to clean them. she'll just run out in the mud and do it again while you're cleaning them...or right after. She tore the screen right off the screen door. Not OFF but it's hanging there. Chewed up socks and whatever else she can get a hold of. A 10 pound bag of potatoes last week! She shredded them!!! Little shit! We love her though. :)

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