"Dream BIG. It Will. Happen..."

Whoo! Hoo!
We did it!
After months of research, going from dealer to dealer, comparing other vehicles to this....we made our decision.
Well, the Jeep Liberty was becoming unreliable....
{it was good to me while it lasted..}
Nothing compares to this little Lady..
Meet our newest addition to the family.
A Cadillac SRX
We love it!
I tell ya,
"Kit" from Knight Rider
has nothing on the Little Lady!
It's amazing and more.
The Mr. is on sensory overload..
he's overwhelmed with what this car does, have, and can do..
I just drive.
He's playing with every gadget!
Takes the manual to bed and reads about it.
The one thing this car has that I fell in love with was..
it has cooled seats.
I could not find another vehicle that had this feature..
Well, in my $ range..
C'Mon! It's awesome! It's hot. Muggy.. And the sun roof is the length of the car {almost}...so the sun beating down in the summer time....yip. That's right...cooled seats, I say!
A. Mazing.

Have a great Day!


Expat Girl said…
Ahhh I love it, congrats!
Summer said…
How awesome! I am lovin' your new wheels! Fantabulous in every way and cooled seats eeeeeeeeeeeeek what more can ya ask for!! Congrats girlie....oh and I love the fact your hubs takes the manual to bed to read it bahahahah that totally sounds like my hubs

Mrs Anne said…
i've been so MIA from blogland, but i think i've finally caught up now!

congrats on your SWEET new ride :)

miss you dear... let's catch up soon!

Ashley said…
What a great looking car!!
Jen~nae said…
Awesome Jod!!!! That car is amazing!!!! :) Im hella jealous!!!
The Pink Chick said…
Love, love, love the new car!!!
Miss-happypants said…
HOLY MOLY GIRL! WOW!!! That is SWEET!!!! You guys are going all out! New house, new car, new truck! New boat soon! You're not going to be able to afford a baby! lol. Glad to see you guys are enjoying life! You deserve it!!!

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