We Can't Decide!

There are so many chandeliers out there!
Weird ones, crazy ones, and there are some that makes you scratch your head and say:
"I'd never pick that, but somehow it looks good in here..."
It's not like we can't decide b/c we can't agree...
It's just that we would like to know our selection first,
 then decide...
but the selection won't stop and the more we look the more we can't decide!!
They are a huge majority that is just beautiful!
I don't want huge, and it drowns the house.
But I would like the look of it to set the feel of the home???
Something that when you walk in you see it but your eyes keep moving...not fixate on the darn thing!

I'll keep ya posted :)
Have a beautiful day!


I Love the 5th one I guess you it is the one with the red wall behind it that one is BEAUTIFUL..
Jen~nae said…
I like the first one!! :) Hope that helps your decision!! haha

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