"Meet Buddy..."

My name is Buddy.
Well, that's what they call me.
"They" are the strangers that feed me and let me play with their human kids on Sundays when I go down to the church.
Let me tell you about my life so far.
I had a family. once.
A couple years ago my familys home burned down and they got out.
and left me.
Left me here at this burned down home.
Will they come back and get me? I'm still here at this burned down home waiting.
Until then, I go around the neighborhood and these kind humans feed me and kids play with me. But I always return home.
You will always find me here.
I'm what they call a Deer Dog {????}
Perhaps I was mistaken for a Deer?
Someone shot me in the head,and now I have a bullet and pieces of metal in my nose and neck.
 Which makes it hard to breath.
I make awful noises and sounds...this is what alerted one of the people who feeds me on occasion.
She took me to these great people at a Vet's office and they will do surgery on me.
But I'm in no one's family.
So this nice Vet clinic and nice strangers took up donations for me to have this surgery.
Maybe I will get a family after this!!!
Enough people will hear my story and want to adopt me!
I'm loving and caring.
I will be very grateful for a warm place to sleep.
The winter is coming and it gets cold.
Thank you for hearing my story.


Miss-happypants said…
:( That is soooo sad! I don't know how people can leave their pets behind like that. Why not give it away...find a good home! It's just wrong!!! I hope he finds a loving home soon!

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