"Theeeeeey arrrre Baaack!"

Been awaiting your arrival my lil'
I purchased my 5 bags
for the season.
Good to go!

Have a Delish Day!!


Trish said…
I'm heading off to Walmart now....thanks for the heads up! :O)

many hugs to ya chicka!
Yum yum... I love holiday candies!!
YUUUM!! I need to go buy some!
Kaycee said…
oh my gosh I LOVE these things!!!!!
Heather said…
Ohhhhh, now I need some soooon!!!! :)
Never had them before....guess I will have to look into it. 1 bag...

I am still in love with the Kisses w/ almonds....
Miss-happypants said…
I still don't think I've tried these yet. I will have to try and find them this year. Not that I need to get hooked on anything else. lol

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