12.27.09..."Go Ahead.. Hug it...It's okay..."

I have been decorating everything with Vinyl lately.
So why not decorate my favorite lil' Bug Ever!
If you know what this is...then you'll understand  my love for this machine.
It's *wonderful*- beyond wonderful!
Every lil' Crafter-Creator-Person needs a Bug!


Oh I am obsessed with vinyl lettering and cricuts!
Brown Girl said…
I've never heard of it...sounds cool!
Jocelyn said…
Ok so totally jealous:-)
Ashley Pizarro said…
I haven't heard of it, but it looks really neat.
Trish said…
I saw this infomercial on TV yesterday for this...must say I am SO jealous!!!!!

It just looked like the neatest little gadget ever! I can't stand it...I wanna see more!
Miss-happypants said…
I love my bug too...still need to try the vinyl though. Can't beleive I still haven't tried it. I've had the stuff forever. Just don't know what I want to write yet...lol. I painted a plack for it to go onto too...just no thoughts of what to say. I don't have the crafty ideas like you do. I need my moJO(DY) back. :) :(
Jen~nae said…
That thing is WONDERFUL! and very neat! I can understand your obsession. :) hehe

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