12.5.09.."Update on the kids..."

Just an update on the kids, to let everyone know.....
They are doing great!
Have a great day.


Jen~nae said…
They have grown so much! Man! Dr. Braat played us your old voicemail of when you were telling him you wanted to name them Bernie and Burnette!!!! Haha Very funny message missy! He has them saved on his cell! :) "hi this is Jody, calling for pm treatments." HA! You crack me up girly! Great job on taking care of your babies! You arent ever gonna be able to let them go!
Beth Dunn said…
So glad to hear it!

They are getting big. I had a hunch you wouldn't be able to let them go. I'm glad they are doing great.
Oh how they grow so fast!
They are so big now!
Trish said…
they have grown so much..I can't even tell them apart anymore..hehehe
Miss-happypants said…
haha, so is the squirrel officially part of the family or are you still just nursing him back to health?

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