12.1.09..."I'd Live Here..."

We got to dust off our village and actually set it up this year. It's been awhile since we have been able to.
{Having cats that were kittens=destroys everything....., the Mr. In Iraq...for 2 Christmas's....}

But we got to even add to our village this year! I went and bought a cowboy saloon, Santa on Horseback, AN OUT HOUSE!! I squealed with joy when I saw this in the store! EEKK!! Then, found a windmill....so adorable!
Now, my MIL and FIL have a kicka** village!! They have hills and mountains and awww.....we will get our town as big as theirs :)

But I hope you all have fun getting your decorations up :)

More to come {pics}....only the beginning...

Happy Holidays :)


Trish said…
I really want a Christmas village so bad!!!

Your looks just beautiful!

Can't wait to see more pictures!
Jen~nae said…
OH! I love this!!! SOOOO adorable! I bet your house looks even more amazing during the holidays!
Lindsey said…
I would live there too!
Oh how fun!!! Ahh I just LOVEEE getting all of the decorations out. And I hate putting them away, haha. So glad I don't have to think about that yet! BEAUTIFUL village! I would love to live there too! Hope you and your sweet family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Dad said…
Village looks nice. We put out the blowups and other yard stuff this weekend.
Blair said…
This is my fave time of year b/c of all the beautiful decorations! I love the villages. My sister started a collection for my niece when she was one. Why did my mother not do this for me? haha!

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