Set the Scene:

I'm in my scrapbook room one morning ,over this last weekend. AGAIN minding my own business.
The Mr. gets up and walks past my scrapbook room, and we say good morning, blah, blah,......{ i get up HOURS ahead of him....}

He says casually:" I messed up my mustache but I fixed it...." as he's walking by- to get his coffee ready...
Me: "Uh, okay..."

So, I walk into the kitchen.
and this is what I see!
First response?
ran into the other room.
threw myself on the bed-laughing hysterically! { a very good- surprised laugh :) }

Then crept into the kitchen and shielding my eyes from him. He just stood there..so, I asked him...

Me:"Who are you? Where's my husband? What are you doing in my house!!!" -laughing.still unable to make eye-contact....

Him: blink.blink."Uh. don't like it?" whith a big grin.

Me: "No! I love it! But you look completely different! Not the same person at all! I feel like I'm cheating on you!"

Him: "Go ahead"

So, since Sunday -I can not stop staring at him. Grinning ear to ear.
I really do **Love** It.
Just really shocked, still.

When he walks into a room for the first mili-second I wonder...
"Who are You?"

He pulled up yesturday after work,
and I really thought someone
else was driving his truck.


Beth Dunn said…
Cute story and you tell it so well! xoxo

You are so cute! Love it :)
Anonymous said…
lol my first thought was who is that serious wow he looks like another person,,how weird:) i would have passed him on the street oh my gosh,,tami
Trish said…
Good thing you like it! I bet it was a huge shock to ya!

I remember when I was about 6 and my Dad shaved his off one morning and came walking in the kitchen.....it scared me so bad I ran down the hall screaming!!!!!!
Jen~nae said…
Man! He does look a lot different! But in a good way! Your story is hilarious by the way! Can you ever not be funny?? Lol Ever take a break?? haha Did he really actually mess it up and then decide to shave it? Or had he already made up his mind to shave it in the first place? Either way, looks good! I hope you're doing well miss Jody True Who! Love and miss ya! Tell Mr. no mustache I say hi!!
What a shock huh! When Nic does that it takes awhile to get used to it.
Wow D you look different.
I like it!
I would have had the same reaction. He really does look good and different. Based on his reaction of your reaction, I think it's a great way to spice things up for the two of you. Have fun!!
Miss-happypants said…
OMG he looks SO different! I had to take a second, third, fourth glance to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. It looks great! :)

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