11.28.09.."Whoo! Hoo! It's Show and Tell!"

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your families!

Okay, first off...to let you know something about The Mr.
He {*Loves*} anything to do with flight!
He loves it, as much as I love my crafting...
I did research to find him the perfect RC helicopter...phew! It was a hit! He loved it!
He looked so adorable flying this thing- he's grinning ear-to-ear. I just sat and watched him smiling.
He came into the scrapbook room and was landing it here.there.and then back here.
I'm so happy for him!
He got 4 of them...
Mrs. Clause has a thing for him.
I think...

This THING was such a disappointment!
Any of you craft? DO not waste your money on the GYPSY!!!!
Over rated.Over priced. No instuctions comes with it! Yea- I know.
Long story short...It was soooooo expensive to be a paperweight eventually.{ My Cricut Design studio does the same thing for $40.00...this thing..Gasp! alot...} The Mr. and I cussed at this thing and had more trouble with it. It was brand new-and had to update it as soon as it came out of the box...bad. bad.

This lil' glorious thing is great! I love it!
I know it's not a Cricut...but it's hand held and just wonderful! It does die cuts and I just love this thing...for the price...it's a great thing!

Are you screaming yet?!!!!
Because I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This camera rocks!!!!!!
I love it!
Ha! I have always wanted a great camera-some of you bloggy friends take "kick-arse" pictures and I'm so jealous happy for you!
Now I can join the "kick-arse pictures club"!
This camera is perfect for me. It's dummy-proof, yet I can grow with it.

Don't be jealous.
My fabulous Mother-In-Law made this apron  for me!
Not only did she make this-but it has....
hold onto your drawers...
she made-
pot holders!! EEEKKKKK!!!!!!!
Ha! I love it!!!!
I just wore it around the house on Christmas. All day.
I have a wonderful American flag colors, blanket she made too!
She is amazing!
Kisses and hugs Mom :)
I love you!

Well, there you have it, wonderful folks!
I know I forgot stuff.
I hope all of you wonderful people had a great Christmas with your wonderful* Families :)


The Pink Chick said…
I love your apron! It is so cute!! I am so glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas! I am jealous of your camera!! I can't wait to see all the awesome pics you will take with it!
Lindsey said…
Aw your apron is adorable!!
Anonymous said…
Love it all girl! Love the pictures! I am drooling over that camera! Hope your having a great Monday! xoxo {p.s. I have tried and tried to scrapbook...I have 3 started...Im such a slacker! haha!}
I had an apron like that when I was little and LOVED it! It looks so great on you ..... plus, that camera makes it even better!!
Love the copter! Love the apron! sooooo cute!
Love your new camera....take some pics of you guys and send them to me and bug.
I made out this christmas too!!!
White gold ring from Tayler.
Diamond/Emerald earrings and Wii fit plus from hubby. Yeah!!
Kristin said…
Color me jealous. I'm dying for a Rebel myself! I did get a killer apron from the bestie though!
Miss-happypants said…
omg...you are so cute in your little apron. :) I just love looking at all your pics and your happy life. I'm so happy for you Jo. I'm glad you and the Mr. had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to see the new pics with your fancy camera.
Jen~nae said…
Those are all such great gifts! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! You're gonna have a BLAST with that camera! But I don't need to tell you that! I bet Daren was watching you enjoy your camera just like you were watching him play with his flying helicopter! :)
Oh my gosh, you are so funny and adorable!!! Love that apron and yes, I am jealous!!!
I am so sorry to hear you dont like your Gypsy, its funny, cause my husband and I did the same thing when we first opened it. Our first impression was how CHEAP looking it was...but after I played with it ALOT and got used to designing cards in it...its pretty cool. I never had DS, so its good to have, but I hear you on the instructions and updating...pain!!!
If you are going to keep it, let me know cause I can email you the link for the manuel and the HANDBOOKS for the Gypsy Font and Wanderings!!!

Happy New Year,
Oh my gosh - congrats on the new camera!!! I REALLY, REALLY want one! And you said it's dummy proof....so I need to look into this one!

And you are precious - adorable pics!

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