12.11.09.." We *{ Heart}* Netflix"

Yes, I have been a lil' MIA lately...
But I can't stop hearing about TrueBlood...so The Mr. and I decided to order it on Netflix.
Hook. Line. SINKER!!!
 We love it and can't stop waching it...come home.get our evening chores finished. then sit down and catch up on it...awww....love it :)
We are have way through the first season...we are at : Sookie is reading the thoughts of the human who knows who stole the $$ from the "Fangtasia Bar"....we stopped there because it was getting late!
Love Sookie.
Love Bill.
Her brother? Jason...he cracks me up! What a moran!
Ha! Ha!
But Okay, without spoiling it for us....how many more seasons?
Is the season going now? When?
You Rock :)


Anonymous said…
Season 3 will start in June or July! There is a whole book series that the HOB series is based off. Its called the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. Pretty good, her brother isnt such an idot in the books but still cracks me up.
Lindsey said…
Hmm I think I need to check this out!
LOVE your Christmas picture in your header! Too cute!! I've heard so many people say they are addicted to True Blood. We may just have to watch an episode or two!
I am a BIG True Blood fan! So far they have only showed two seasons...I don't know when the third season begins.
Brown Girl said…
I've never gotten into that show but I hear it's awesome. I just don't have the time to add in another show. boo. I'll live vicariously through you!
Tracy-Girl said…
I will have to look into that! TL has netflix and he LOVES it!!
Miss-happypants said…
I haven't heard of True Blood,what is it about?
OK so I have yet to see the show....I am waiting to see them til after I finish reading the books.
I am almost done with book three. I am hooked! I started reading them about two weeks ago and love them!
You need to read the books!!!!
Love Sookie. Love Bill. Love Eric.
Love it!!
Hmmm...I am intrigued...never watched it before!!! :)
love, love, love True Blood!!! you should read the books too.. just know they are completely different!

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