12.22.09.."Run! Be Free!...um...run?"

Well, yesturday was the day....
We let Bernie and Princess go.
To be free and let the wind blow through their...fur.
To go and meet others like them at the  "Nut Palace"...
For the last few weeks- to get them prepared...I put the carrier outside during the day, to let them get use to the smells and sounds. Oh yea-they hid under the blankets for the first  few days...then it was.."Let Me Out!".
So we opened up the door and let'em out....I can see the respitory rate on their little chests...it was pounding with excitement! They hopped, ran, scurried around....ran up the brick wall and up the trees...I was sooo happy for them.
The Mr. wasn't.
He was soooo sad.
 He kept the carrier outside, so they can come back and feel safe in their home.
Not more than a couple hours after we didn't see one in sight. I can tell the Mr's heart was heavy.
He went outside to see if he could  at least  spot one of them. {I was inside vaccumming and cleaning!}
Here comes Princess bouncing to him!! Ran right up his leg! He sat down and she wouldn't leave him alone! He grinned and smiled ear to ear!! He was so excited! He looked like a lil' kid on Christmas morning opening up a "Red Rider BB Gun"...he was so happy!
So we brought her in for the night...as for Bernie...he took off! He was in the tree talking to the Mr. ....he wouldn't come down, but he set out a home with food and water in it.
It's so sad to see'em leave...but I'm soooo happy for the lil' boogers at the same time. It's not fair to be locked up in a carrier for the rest of their lives. We will gladly accept them with open arms and loaded with nuts if they choose to come visit :)


Trish said…

how sad that they have to grow up and leave the nest! Maybe they will bring some grandbabies back to visit you in the spring

Lindsey said…
Wow that is crazy!!
Llama said…
Oh-my-goodnesss....is that a REAL squirrel? Oh wow!!! I can't believe it...that is just crazy...how the heck is it so tame? Wow...talk about being kind to nature...you need a medal!
Jen~nae said…
Awwww! That sooo warmed my heart! What a SWEET story Jod! I feel for you guys! You want them to be happy and have a lil squirrel life but you're sad to see them go! I don't think they will venture too far from your home and I'm sure they will visit often! That is so neat that you guys raised them so well! Good job Jod and Daren! You are great squirrel parents! :)
Awe...that is so cute princess came back!!! :)
awww... this was very sweet. and i don't even like squirrels!! glad she came back and made his day!
Oh my gosh that is amazing! They are SO CUTE! I still can't belive how much love you have given to the little ones, you guys rock! I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful Christmas!
The Pink Chick said…
Oh dear! I think I would have been sad to see them go too! How cute that Princess came back to visit! So Precious!!!
I never thought you would let them go but you did. Not to worry, they'll be back. After all, you and Daren raised them well. Who knows, maybe you will see some grand babies. Both of you really are great parents, they have grown really big.
Miss-happypants said…
You two have a heart of GOLD!! One of the many things I love about you guys. Such a sweet, sweet story. :)

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