I'm trying out new things, and this is my first candle I've made, so far.
I'm really getting into homemade gifts.
They seem so much.. more personal.
Don't get me wrong...I can't make a camera or anything...but you get the idea.
Have a great Day :)


Blair said…
You made that? It's SUPER cute! I love it.
You made those? WOW! I'm WAY impressed. I agree, handmade gifts are great, but I'm so un-crafty that it's not even funny!
Trish said…
well those are just way too cute!

I love candles and this would just make me love them more...now try one with a monogram on it so I can see.

...I think a T would look nice on a candle...don't you????? :O)
Jenn said…
How do you do it? This is cute!
The Pink Chick said…
Love the candle! It looks great!!
Lindsey said…
WOW! The candles are gorgeous!!
Meg said…
Love the Candles!! how did you do that?

I'm not use to your hubby without the facial hair yet...lol I keep loading your page and I'm like 'who is that?!' lol ;)
Good job on the Candles! Very nice!!
Miss-happypants said…
wow Jo, it's beautiful! Handmade gifts are so much cooler. I love em. :)
Jen~nae said…
Those are gorgeous Jod! I know I tell you this all the flippin time but you're so freakin artistic its ridiculous! Keep up the amazing work jod!

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