This is "Bernie" hitching a ride from our dog, Kelly.
She's so tolerant. She has seen sooooo many different kinds of animals come and go, in our lil' household....

I bet these are the most SpOileD-RotToN Squirrels on the face of this earth!
I can.not.WAIT. to let them pack their squirrel bags and leave! Lol!
They are cute, but I'm ready!
They are soooo FAT.

I clean out their house at least 3 times daily and do laundry(separate from ours!!!!) at least once day....like having a child!
Do they make diapers this small?
Oh! Maybe in the Barbie section.
No....they would chew it off.
counting.counting.counting....the days....


Blair said…
Too cute! My dog would tear up that squirrel!
jenn said…
this is a cute picture :o)
Jenn said…
Omigosh.. this is adorable.
love the picture girl! too cute! Hope your having a great week! xoxo
Jen~nae said…
I absolutely LOVE this picture! SOOOOOO cute!! This could be on a calendar!!! CUTE CUTE!!! She is SUCH a good dog! You maybe ready for them to "move out" but you will miss them I'm sure once they have! :)
AHHH HOW CUTE!!!!!! You are a ROCK STAR for putting up with all fo these animals!!! I hope you're having a great week so far!
Oh my gosh! That is the CUTEST thing ever! Giddy up Kelly! LOL
I bet she thinks she is the mommy!
Soooooooo Cute!
Kelly really is tolerant of them. If you do end up letting them go--and I stress the word IF--you will probably have an open door policy with them.
How cute! What kind of "house" do you keep them in?
Shay said…
LOL, that is SO darn cute! A squirrel riding on the dogs back!
The Pink Chick said…
How cute! What a great picture!
Heather said…
Is that a real squirrel on your dog? Is it your pet? I have never seen a squirrel cooperate like that. Really cute pic.

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