11.2.09.."Look Ma! Look what we made!"

Ahhh....our Creative juices were flying!
I made the design and the Mr. stained them on a whole set of dishes!!
All woodland creatures...his favorite...
Umm.....and we are now raising 2 baby squirrels-go figure....OH! Which by the way:
1} are FAT
2} doing GREAT!
3} starting to chirp when they SEE us!
4} yes, their EYES are open!!!! They are sooooo cute!
NO! We are not going to keep them. We just wanted a fair chance for them in life...We plan on turning them back out into the wild...that is mean to keep a non-domesticated animal captive. We put branches, leaves, acorns in with them so they know what they look and feel like....they chew on them already....very cute.
Updated pics soon to arrive....
Have a great Day!


Trish said…
Awesome job!

Glad your "new babies" are thriving!!!!
You are SO creative!!! And you are raising squirrels?! I don't think you ever have a dull moment, huh?! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PICS OF THE LITTLE CUTIES!!!
jenn said…
aren't you sweet to 'nurse' those {babies} back to good health!!!

i can't wait to see the pics :o)
Can't wait to see pictures!! How sweet!! :)
The Pink Chick said…
Love the bowls! You are so crafty! I can't wait to see pictures of the babies! I love squirrels!
Beth Dunn said…
Love those plates. So cute! xoxo

Tracy-Girl said…
You are so creative!! I love this!
The dishes look great and I'm glad the "babies" are doing great. I bet you'll cry when they leave the "nest". What can I say, you and Darren are great parents.
Shay said…
Those dishes look cool! Great job! Cant wait to see pictures of the squirrels!
Jen~nae said…
Those dishes look GREAT! As do all of your projects! Kudos to you and Daren! :) OH MAN!!! I want to see baby pictures!!! I bet they're Adorable!!! You guys are so caring and great to do that!
Love the plates! Great Job!!!
Kristin said…
I just adore the moose. SO cute!

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