11.13.09.."Sometimes I have good ideas..."

Since my hubby and I met, we have this on-going "Wish List" on our fridge...
It's a list ,with both our names on each side and what we wish for....it can be anything!!!!

I started this because he's hard to buy gifts for. This way, it takes the guess work out of it...I have his pants, shirt, and shoe size on there (along with my sizes, too :) )...it's waaaaayyyy easier than asking and asking and him not telling me what he wants for his birthday! This way he'll get what he wants :) It makes it easy to tell parents, friends, and for each other :)
Try it!! It's fun :) Has worked great!!


Trish said…
Oh, I just loooooove wish list!

I put my Christmas list on my blog....so far I haven't received any of the items on it......DANG IT!!!!
Jenn said…
This is hilarious. I downloaded the old school Super Mario Bro's 3 on my wii.. and definitely had dreams about those stupid flying ducks.
Jen~nae said…
That is a GREAT idea Jod! You're so damn creative! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! :) Thats SO true though cuz throughout the year I can think of things I'd want for my bday or Christmas, and then when it comes to be that time that people are asking, I can't think of a thing! lol Annoying! :)
The New Black said…
Good idea? How about excellent idea!! Although, I might get a little carried away on my side of the list.☺

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