I had NO idea how much personality was packed into ONE of these lil' boogers!!
The lil' girl is a Diva...oh she gets so mad if you don't get her food to her fast enough and lets you know all about it!
The lil' boy is sooooo laid back and calm...umm...THAT don't seem right?
Anyhow they are alot of fun and we are so glad they are doing good...so FAT!
They go everywhere with us and constantly doing all sorts of research to better their lives to get them prepared for the...WORLD.
Wow....that sounded like a REal-true-blue-parent. :)


I couldn't help it....I gotta add my buffalo nickel's worth.......I once found a kitten in the wild, it still had a drying umbilical cord on it's tummy.....

I took it home, and raised it. I was up every few hours feeding her....& making her go POOP etc. I did this for about a month

I thought to myself....wow this kind of prepares a person for parenthood...all this round the clock responsibility etc.......

The moral of the story?

I must have had brain damage when thinking that.

I can't wait until you have a baby! I hope you have triplets, or twins....do they run in your family?

They do on Chuck's mom's side....thank goodness that didn't follow him
geeez, my old age is kicking in, i forgot to say they are so cute....what did you finally name them?
Trish said…
That is the sweetest thing I have every seen! It just melts my heart!!!

Looks like you are doing a wnderful job momma!!!!!!
The Pink Chick said…
Oh my! They are so precious!!! I love that they are spooning! Too cute!
Kaitlin said…
Yay I love them. It is your own Alvin and the chipmunks.
Jen~nae said…
CUTE!!!! You guys arent gonna wanna part with those babies! :) That is so neat how you guys are doing that! Keep up the good work! They're absolutely adorable!
They are SO cute! What a fun pet! That's a great picture of y'all and I LOVE the wildlife bowls! Very impressive
Ahhh they are to cute. And you do sound like a true blue parent. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I agree with Jen--you and Darren are too big of a parent to let them go. Besides, what did you name them anyway? I'm not the only one with an inquiring mind ya know!!
Shay said…
aww! they are cute!
They are so stinkin cute!
They got lucky and found good parents!!
ok- those things are pretty danr cute
Beth Dunn said…
So spooning is something everyone loves. That is so cute. xoxo

Vanessa said…
Such a cute photo!! They look content!

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