FINALLY it's here and I get to see it tonight on a IMAX screen!!
I'm so flippin' excited!
I've been trying so hard not to watch/listen to the TV so I'll be surprised of the movie...but ya know????
I really don't care what anyone says....I'll love it no matter what.
A doctor I work with, our office manager and I and we are all DraGgiNG our husbands to go see it!!!
Okay, for those of you- who has seen it..let me know what you think (positive comments only please, my heart can't take negative comments right now! LOL!!!) ...I'll check my blog tomorrow.

Review on movie tomorrow!! :)


Anonymous said…
I loved it! Think they did a better job following the book, and humor was ever so apparent! I went to the midnight showing with a friend! WoooHooo! Hope you like it it was deffenatly better than the first!
I am sure I will hear from America after she sees this....then again, maybe not.....I am not on her good side anymore....

have fun enjoy
Christine said…
I loved it! Way better than the first. :) I hope you enjoy it just as much!!
Down girl!! If other people like it, then the chances of you liking it are up there. Enjoy the movie!!
Anonymous said…
Wow it must have been awesome in imax! I looooved it!

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