11.12.09.."The after effects of Playing the Wii...."

Set the scene:
Asleep.in bed. 4:30 a.m....this morning...minding my own business...

I felt the Mr.'s forearm just "SMACK" me in the side!

I squealed:(it really didn't hurt...but I was more shocked!) "OWWWWW!!!"

Mr:(still asleep.however I wanted to him to wake up up to realize what he did...lol)"What?What? What's wrong?!What happened?!"

Me:"You just smacked me!"

Mr:"Oh sorry. I thought I was playing Ping Pong"

Darn Wii.
Thank goodness, he's not into the boxing one yet.

Update: After he woke up this morning, I asked him "So did you win?" He started laughing and grinning ear to ear (he knew what I was talking about...), he said: "No, I totally missed the ball"


Meg said…
ahahahaha...love it! ;)
Jen~nae said…
ha ha ha, that is funny

reminds me of something funny my dad did to his 2nd wife.

He was in to boxing, and watching boxing on tv. Well one night he punched her in the face...or at least punched her so hard he left a bruise or mark....

He he he he

yep, better keep him from the boxing wiiiiiiiiii
LOL that is great!!!
So did he win???
Shay said…
I totally want a wii. And wii fit. I need it =-) lol.
That is too funny! Like any good parent I fed Tyke another piece of birthday cake the following day and then we took some to his dog mother, Lily. I threw the rest away.
I suppose we should be grateful he wasn't playing mixed martial arts--you may have ended up in the ICU ward. Horay for ping pong!! I'm glad your alright but he should have hit the ball and won the game. Oh well.

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