11.22.09.."Loved It"

Okay, it was not a walk-up-to-the-window-buy-your-ticket-walk-lazily-to-the-theater-PICK-a-seat-and- quietly-enjoy-your-movie, MOVIE!!
MY LAND!! All shows sold out.
No Seats.
Line around the block.
Yes, our smart friend bought our tickets on-line....but you still gotta find a seat...together...

Long story short...4 bailed out on us, and he was looking at me to see what to do...
( I'm dying inside! My heart is thinking: "NO!!!! I have been waiting! Drove an hour away to get here! This day has finally came..."Hoping the Mr. can read my silly thoughts ...)The Mr. can tell the disappointment in my eyes and he says,
"Well, lets just wait around, for the next show- and we will just wait in line this time..." (yes, just to get a seat)
Awwwwww....... I smiled ear to ear. I love him so.

So I had Mad Libs in my purse(I know...I know...) and we sat down and played some games and had a blast! Laughing and just being part of the craziness!

The movie:***sigh****

Guess what we saw there on the wall being advertised?
Twilight: Eclipse.....coming june 30, 2010

AGH!!!! It starts over.....


Christine said…
I'm glad you got to see it! The lines were crazy but it's so worth it! haha
Tracy-Girl said…
How fun... you two are adorable. I am not in on all the twilight madness, but I love how crazy everyone is about it :)
Heather said…
I have heard the same thing everywhere from friends, that lines are crazy for this movie. Glad you enjoyed it!!
Shay said…
im dying to see new moon!
you always have the cutest collages and pictures!
Awe!!!! That that is sweet that he waited with you!!! :D

Can't wait to see it!
Lindsey said…
Aww what a fab weekend!!
Jen~nae said…
AWWWW You two are the epitome of a sweet loving caring couple! Playing mad libs together to wait to get into a movie! :) That's a fun game! And I bet it would be a blast hearing what you guys come up with! haha I'm glad you got to see the movie Jod! I'm assuming the *sigh* meant that you liked the movie? :)
I'm glad you liked it despite the "getting in" game.
Miss-happypants said…
That's so cool. He is such a patient guy. We just waited on week and got right in. Great movie! We can't wait for the next one.

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