11.28.09.." The Mr. VS. Walmart Greeters"

So, last night we head to our daily/weekly trip to Walmart just to see.....stuff.
Nothing important.
As we are walking in through the doors he drops my hand and walks real fast! Like Forrest Gump!{Run Forr-est! Run!} Just making a bee line for the safety zone! I think in his mind the security-beeper-towers are base or something!
But I catch up to him and I'm laughing wondering{???} what just took place? he says,:

"Oh I hate those Walmart Greeters! I have to hurry and run past them!"

Me: "Ha! Ha! Whhhhaaaaatttttt?????"

So now. we have to leave.....
Now what?
He takes off again!
I see the greeter looking at the Mr. and he literally is looking down.
No eye contact, and trying not to get "greeted".....the greeter barely gets a word out.
And the Mr. acts like he's been tagged in a chase game or something!
It was hilarious! He throws his arms up. slows down and yells, "Aggghhhh!!!"
I'm laughing, following him out the door.
He says it's like nails on a chalkboard with him.
He just hates it for some reason!

For me: I hate watching American Idol, and the contestants put the finger up in which number to vote for?? IT BUGS ME TO NO END!!!
If they do a stupid thing like that.??? I won't vote for them! They look so stupid holding their fingers up!! AGHHH!!!!


Heather said…
That is so funny about the Walmart greeters! I agree with you on the AI contestants holding up the fingers, it's annoying, um hello we can read the screen!! :)
Jody, this is SO funny : ) I came over today from Crystal's blog. I saw a comment you left there and thought the little picture that accompanied the comment was so cute. This story is too hilarious! I will think of him the next time I go to Walmart : ) I kind of like them : ) Old people usually make me smile!
Ian & Jess said…
Hahaha that is so funny.
That's hilarious about the Walmart greeters! Thanks for following me. I never thought I would get a follower! lol You're blog is really pretty!! Can't wait to read more!
Blair said…
Haha! Hilarious about the Wal-Mart "concierge"
Trish said…
Too funny.....I guess everyone has their little pet peeves????

Mine.....people who make noise when they swallow a drink....I know. don't ask!!!
LOL that is so great!
I am laughing so hard it hurts.
The funny think is I can totally see him running for it!
Next time you need to tell him to plug his ears and start singing "la la la la I can't hear you!"
Miss-happypants said…
AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it! You should try to hold him in place sometime while you're walking through Walmart, or shove a cart in front of him or something so he has to hear the greeter. :) heehee

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