7.29.09..." Our new neighbors.."

Like our new neighbors? They just moved in.
I'm scared to death of them.
The Mr. gets all excited and wants me to come closer and feed them in all this....stuff. I say NO!
I've been attacked and chased by these things! I scaled a 96 ft fence (okay, not really...story time though) trying to get away from one of these! I screamed bloody murder across a field waving my arms like a lunatic! and when it stopped chasing me, I went for another mile . just for the shock of almost getting murdered by one of these.
They know! They sense it! I'm scared. I know it, they know it. Let's just admire from afar!

So, the Mr. goes out and buys them bread and these are *WILD* Canadian geese, so they know how to protect themselves. I'm cool with that...
Then here's the Mr...he's getting closer ...and the hissing folks, is a clear indication "Look, I'm pissed off and don't want you near me..." I run. He stays.

But all kidding to the side...he loves wildlife and gets all upset if an animal is injured or helpless. I couldn't have married a more caring and considerate man. He's just plain and simply wonderful :) I love him so!

This picture is blurry. I know.

You try getting a action shot as your running.away.
I didn't think I did too bad! Not to shabby!
I'm scared to death of ....
* snakes {OMG! These are just gross...}
* Geese

Have a great day folks!!!!!!!!!


Geese are getting so bad here, that they are about to have open hunting season for them. I think they're pretty but they make a huge mess!
Anonymous said…
lol ur so funny..i look forward to ur blog every morning cuz i get to see u guys everyday:)
LOL you are a nut! They are pretty. But since you are scared of them keep your distance they may bite your toes off....with the big huge fangs they have....lol JUST KIDDING! Nice neighbors! Love ya and miss you much!! Oh tell D not to get to close either....they will attack.
Meg said…
Ah, those geese are adorable... from a distance! ;) I am not an animal person :P I am deathly afraid of snakes, spiders and all things that crawl. I scream, I run...it's awful! ;)
Tracy-Girl said…
So funny... when I first saw this I thought you actually had people neighbors and was taking pictures of them :) Well, your new neighbors are kinda cute, and at least they won't leave trash lying around in your yard!
Miss Anne said…
I'm completely FREAKED out of GEESE too!

lol Daren's so cute. :)
Tiffany said…
Oh my gosh I would have run too!! They never seem to be afraid of us though. Oh and snakes!! I would die if I ever encountered one. They are one of my worst fears!
Lindsey said…
Ugh I hate geese! They are all over my running path and once they hissed at me! I'm scared of them too!
OMW, I HATE, HATE, HATE those things!!!! Ahhhhh...they are MEAN!!!
Jen~nae said…
Jody True Who! What are you going to do????? lol GEESE!!! GAH!!!!!!! Hopefully they leave soon! You're braver than me! I wouldn't have gotten out of the house if those things were on my lawn!!! lol
Oh girl. I am TERRIFIED of all birds. I don't want anything to do with them at all.

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