7.26.09.." The Silent Auction Dinner.."

Okay, I hate this Blogger now...stupid blogger...
Okay I'm done with my fit.
But Last night, the Mr. and I attended a silent auction @ a country club. The proceeds went to the Medical Center, so we attended with the famous "Fam"..{Boo Jody. I didn't get a picture of them...what's wrong with me?} But I must say...they looked AMAZING! The mr. Tom-snazzy-pants had a very nice attire on. Then , the beautiful Miss Nettie. Well, ravishing as normal. She had a lil' sparkle to her eyes:) They looked very nice!
So, since the Mr. and I had so flippin' idea what to do at one of these benefits...we just..hung out and talked for a bit. Then , the items that were being auctioned off (silent that is..)
The Mr. saw the TV and it was over from there. He was going home with this TV. { flatscreen, Sony, 18.5 in..for the kitchen!} He became so obsessed with this TV!!!
On a silent auction, there is a sign up sheet and you put your name and what you are willing to spend on that item. People walk around and sign up behind you and bid more and so on..
SO! It was between The Mr. and....Bob. He was getting irritated at whomever Bob was. Bob was biding $5.00 more than whatever the Mr. wrote down! Them, it became a game...The Mr. was up every 5 min. trying to outbid Bob. Everyone at this point was laughing and teasing the Mr.
he joined in and thought it was fun...then he saw the sink faucet. No hold bars. He wanted that faucet. So he stayed by the Tv and then had me by the faucet. This lady was out biding him by $1.00 increments! OHHHH!!!! Yip. He was on to her.
Then, the party from our group would go by what items he wanted and would pick up the pen and act like they were writing down a bid..just to get to the Mr. !It worked. I would just sit there and laaaaaaugh at him!!!
But he went home with his TV and no faucet. It was a kohler faucet.
Yay to the Mr. !! He worked hard for this TV!!!


Miss Anne said…

When D has his eye on a prize he GETS it!


xoxo miss/love u!
Meg said…
Lol... glad he at least got the TV. ;) I've never been to a silent auction...sounds like fun!
Miss-happypants said…
lol...I love silent auctions. They are so much fun! I won a 3 person sight seeing trip on a sesna. I just can't figure out who I should take. It's hard. I wish I could take more people.
LOL that would have been funny to see!
Yeah D! Glad you got your TV!!!
tami said…
silent auction?! u too look awesome:)sounds cool lol but does that mean no talking? nah i couldnt do it:)it would kill me not to talk haha

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