.7.23.09.." ...and the Cave...."

First of all, I had to put this in here. Isn't this cute?!
They both have the left front stretched out and the right front curled up...
Like they talked about going sun bathing together..Ha!

I admit, I don't decorate for style. I know, shame on me..
I love comfort! I love the homey/comfy feeling.
I want someone to walk in and feel like they are at home. ")

Yes, there is stuff that still needs to be unpacked....ugh!

This is as if your walking in the door..this is what you'll see...

I have a confession: The Mr. did most..ok, he did the decorating.
Yes, yes, I know...THE ONLY thing I did was...just give him my input of where I would like certain things to go..we are still moving stuff around.

Around the corner on the right...is another lil' room! Yes, I know..geez!
It's The Mr.'s karaoke room/poker room. He has a huuuuge poker table in their too!
Poker anyone? For chips of course, not $$$. Ha!

See! I told you. The weather channel. :)

And the famous "Big Round Chair".
When the Mr. was in Iraq, I surprised him with this chair. He loves it :)
Everyone loves this chair.
It surrounds you! Grrreeat to snuuuuggle in :)

{Darn it..it came out blurry..}.But I love this shutter/mirror!
When I saw it in the store, I may have even peed my pants a lil...
I more or less freaked out..ok, more.
But it adds to our decor, like it was made for our home! EEEKKKK!!!!
Love it.
Not pictured:1) Another living room area( soon to be shown...still getting certain furniture for that one..)
2) Spare room..not done yet..
3) His poker/karaoke room..that too not done yet...
Have a happy day! :)


Meg said…
Your home is beautiful and you've certainly reached your goal of creating a comfy feel to the house. I love it!
Lindsey said…
It looks so cozy and comfy! My husband would be jealous of that TV for sure!!
Holy cow woman you guys have been busy! It looks great..!!!
I can't wait til I get to see it in person!

Love and miss you both lots!
Miss Anne said…
I love it. It's so you~

I love how LIGHT it is in there!

The BIG ROUND CHAIR is my favorite ever.

I'm coveting it as we speak!


Savvy Mode SG said…
your home is great.
Can we please meet? I just know we'd be the best of friends! Two peas in a pod!
Cassie Cass said…
OMG Jody! I am sooooo jealous! You have put so much work into your new house and I absolutely love it! You have got to come back and do something about my house.....it needs some of your decorating advice! Miss ya Jody!
Jen~nae said…
Jod!!! Wow! You keep amazing me with your pics of your lovely home! You and Daren have done a wonderful job!!! Looks GREAT!! And I absolutely LOVE that picture of Kelly and your Crazy....NICE kitty! :) hehe Cute cute picture! Your home just looks soooo comfy! It's very obvious in the pic of your babies!
Kristin said…
I love your table! I totally go for style paired with comfort, but with a bambino crawling around, style goes out the window more often than not. Ah ha!
Tiffany said…
Your home is so beautiful. We have such a similar decorating style. I love it! I saw one of those shutter mirrors at a store the other day and was up in the air about it. I left without it, but am not thinking I NEED to go back and get it!!
Miss-happypants said…
WoW!!! The house looks great! Never had a doubt though. :) You guys are awesome at decorating.

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