.7.21.09.." ...and the Kitchen..."

Okay, I've always wanted a TV in the kitchen!! EEKK!!
I know it may sound a little hokey-pokey...but I love it.
When I was lil' and would watch programs on TV and they'd show a home with a TV in the kitchen ...I would sit and dream about it...I know silly.
But I told the Mr. about it and he was gonna get rid of this TV he had,{ when he drove truck....}.I'm all..
"Wait!! No!! We could use it, in the kitchen!"
He loves it and now we have that one on more than the other in the living room. Even for just background noise...
I love watching Tv when I'm getting dinner ready(WHEN I do...), but mostly.....in the early morning..when getting coffee ready...just getting the day started. I like to watch the weather channel alot and the news in the morning. I love this lil' kitchen!
The cats and Kelly like to sit in the sky lights beam and just laaaaay there. You have to step around them.
P.s....how ya like the midget bar stools!! I love'em! The Mr. found them and was so excited, he almost passed out...
Stay tuned: Tomorrow...The bedroom.


Ashley Pizarro said…
I think your kitchen is just darlin'! The stars above the sink add just the right touch! AND those mini-bar stools...too cute!! :) I love that you are sharing your place with us...its too cute!
Lyryn said…
I came across you blog! Very cute! Your kitchen is fantastic! Look at all that space! The stools are hysterical!!!
Lindsey said…
Your kitchen is HUGE! I am so jealous!
AWWW Jody I cant wait to show Tayler!!! Her lady bug is on your fridge!!!
Love the kitchen very cute!
And I dig the midget stools...lol
girl. I am drooling over your kitchen. It's humongous!!
Katie said…
I LOVE the midget stools!! that was the first thing I noticed :) secondly...i have a tv in my kitchen too! we bought this little flatscreen when we moved in.

anyway :) love your kitchen...enjoying your blog...
yours truly... said…
AHAHAHHAHA the midget barstool comment is cracking me up!!! Adorable kitchen!! And that scrapbook room...oh my, its like a creative heaven in there!!!
Jillian, Inc said…
I'm a TV junkie - always have it on - so I have a TV in every room in our house except the dining room. Oh - and the bathroom. ha! I even have a TV in my office....but don't tell anyone.
Thanks so much for stopping my and following! I love your site and am now a follower! :D
What a kitchen!! It's big!!! I'm a bit jealous over here...hee hee!!! ;-) Hope you are loving your new house!
Miss Anne said…
It's so YOU! :)

Love how clean and sharp it all looks!

(I want to come visit and sit on the midget chairs)

Tiffany said…
Our home came with a mini television in the kitchen when we moved in. I had every intention of taking it out, but after spending a few mornings and evenings cooking while listening to it I really loved it! Your kitchen is so nicely decorated!

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