.7.30.09." Get up?"

Who: The Mr and I
What: A conversation...kinda..sorta...
When : Last night
Where: Asleep in our bed...
Time: Midnight...yip.midnight.

Mood: snoring, sawing logs, Fast asleep! so i thought....

So, I'm fast asleep.
He franticly wakes me up by shaking me!
The conversation goes something like this:

Mr: "Baby! Wake up ! It's time to get up! Your gonna be late for work!

Me: "Huh? It's only 12:00..."

Mr: "Whaaaaaaattttt?"

Me:" Baby, it's midnight and nobody's gonna be there."

Funny thing is: When I'd come home in the past, and fall asleep right after work...he would wake me up to go to bed and I'd fly around like a chicken with my head cut off, thinking I was late for work! I'd look at the time and think it was the a.m., not realize it's the p.m......I would ruuuuuun around, and run into walls and he would laaaaauuugh!!
He would always try to calm me down but after years of this he would let it run it's course and just help me to bed...
He'd tell me all about it the next day while laughing his B*** off!


Tracy-Girl said…
Haha... you guys are SO cute! Love it... I always freak out if I think I am late to work, I hate that feeling!
Miss Anne said…
I've done that so many times...

most nights i fall asleep on the couch before J and when she goes to wake me i think it's morning and i freak out!


xo miss you!
Tiffany said…
I love those middle of the night conversations when you think the other is awake and aware, but it's never like that. It's funny how we can be so disoriented that we go into panics about the time! But it's always nice to be wrong and get to go back to sleep.
Meg said…
bwhahahaha... I've done that same exact things before. ;) glad to know I'm not the only one who does this!
Jen~nae said…
AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Great stuff Jody True Who!!! That is funny! I'm surprised though that when you run into walls.....that wouldn't sort of wake you up...and make you realize you weren't really late...haha oh well! Makes it funnier!!! :) :)
LOL that is great. I can tell you Nic and I have had those conversations too!! It is funny! Good thing is that you had control of conversation....cause it would have really been great if you woke up freaking out and started getting ready cause he said you were late!!! LOL

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