.7.20.09."Monday: Scrapbook Room"

Well, finally done..Phew..
This is the Scrapbook/Craft room. I love it!
Funny thing: When the Mr. was walking through the house looking at the rooms he said when he first walked into this one..
" This is the biggest room...this will be the scrapbook room..." I laughed when I heard this. He feeds my addiction :)

I love the fact, I also get a chance to use the closet wisely! The storage is wonderful!!

Here though, women don't do crops! AGH! I know!
How appalling! But women here have craft rooms so they don't want to "Lug" their stuff everywhere! Hello? Isn't that what crops are about? Lugging your stuff. Show your stuff off. See others goodies and stuff they make, the techniques they use and so on. I love and looked so forward to crops...I'm gonna miss them.
Actually, I thought of....I'll start my own! I'll get to know a couple of women and expand from their. Trying to get them out of their homes will be the challenge.
I don't get it?
No crops? What the?.....
What's this world coming to?
Thank you for all your input with the "I need your advice" post.
I've decided to stay with the clinic that I gave my word on.
I called and thanked the other clinic for even considering me and to have a nice day :)


Lindsey said…
So cute!!! Very organized!!
Jillian, Inc said…
Love it! ... especially that neatly stacked and organized closet which sings songs to my little OCD heart!
Meg said…
Wow. You are organized, girl! ;) Love the room!
What an awesome room!! It looks so inviting and full of creative energy. :o)
First let me say.....OMG I HATE YOU....LOL Just kidding I want a craft room like that!!! No fair! No Fair! No Fair!!
Second I totally love your craft room!! lol
Glad to hear you decided on the "need your advise" situation.
The Pink Chick said…
I love it! It is so nice and organized! It makes me want to come over and play!
Jen~nae said…
Holy cow Jod.....I'm speechless. lol That room is PERFECT for all your stuff!!! So neat and tidy and organized! I bet you had a ball doin all that! :) Man oh man!! What are you gonna do if there aren't any crops!!! AH!!!! lol I think trying to start one up is a great idea!! I bet you can do it! And just imagine, when it gets real big in Arkansas, everyone will have Jody True Who to thank!! :) You could become rich and famous!!! haha :) :)
Well, I'm proud of you for the decision you made. I think that place will be good for you. A lot less stress hopefully. :) Keep me updated on work and how all thats going! I always love to hear from my Jody True! :)
Miss Anne said…
Get ready mama, because when i come visit, it's gonna be a cropathon... :)

i can't believe the ladies there dont crop? (open your own shop and host crops, i GUARANTEE once they see how WE do it, they'll book up every single one!)

xoxo miss you so!
Ashley Pizarro said…
I love your scrapbook room girl! :) I recently just got into scrapbooking b/c my mom is obsessed with it so, I think you might even beat her with the goodies you have!!
Miss-happypants said…
The room is PERFECT for all of your stuff! You aren't cramped at all. Don't worry about the crops. You'll meet someone in the local Walmart and be inviting them over for a crop soon enough. You know you will!!! :)

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