7.19.09.." Fri/Sat recap!"

Fiday night...was just a night of relaxing by the lake. Watching the sunset. I don't think I'll be able to get sick of this...

These two are just my world. Plain and simply. I'll tell my hubby a sad story of a pet at work, and the sad ending of it's life and talk about how the parents (owners) reaction to the situation...he'll get all teary-eyed and hug Kelly. Always wants her close to him...

We really don't make alot of trips out of town because she's our first thought:" What about Kelly? What do we do with her?..." She is our family. She's a big part of our decision making when planning things. It doesn't bother nor hinder us. It's life. Not even a question.

So Saturday, we played tourists in our new town! Oh my land! The hot springs here were really thought of a natural healing process. Very cool how they did things then. :)

Our nice tour guide very very sweet! Then there is always one in every crowd!
This ol' fart challenges every word this tour guide says! Wanting to argue! The sad thing was that the "argue-er" was a Goober-Butt. He tried to sound so smart. But he really was dumb. He was soooo annoying. Yay right! This whole bath house row is a LIE!!!!! It's a scam!!!! Your on to them buddy!
I just kept looking at the MR. and rolling my eyes.....GEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!

But overall, it was a beautiful bath house.
They really believed the natural spring water coming from the ground was a natural healing process for STD's to arthritis! So interesting...if your ever in this area. Go on a tour. Very neat!

I love taking pics and the Mr. gets so embarrassed!! He's getting better at hurrying and posing and then going back to what he was doing! He acts all .... cool about it! I just laugh at him.
Yip! WE are the only ones in the world. with a camera.{ actually. I am. } who likes to take pics!

OH!!!!! Then we went to a indoor flea market!! It was sooooooooo cool! We bought something for our home and I was sooo tickled over it.
But you walk in, and it looks like something you'd see in a big parking lot or something. I did go to a flea market in Hawaii and this was similar. But indoors. It was so neat! It was a huuuuuuuuuuuge goodwill. You need all day to check this out. I really like ol' nostalgic things. But a particular type/thing. I'll know when I see it. So my hubby has got into this habit also. :)
We only had two hours to look around..they were closing..so we hurried through and plan on going back. Go early in the morning!
But look at what I found! An ol' tricycle! Isn't it adorable?! I loved it. But my problem is..I love something. But I really need to get my self into thinking : "Okay. Where is this gonna go? Does it go with our decor?" I've been thinking like this lately and it's been helping my decision making...phew! But isn't it cute!!!

However, that was only Friday and Sat. Just wanted to catch the family and friends up. Not sure what's going on today. :)


You are such a good doggy mommy! I love that you have such a big heart for animals!! :) It is so true- they are NOT a hindrance. I can't even imagine thinking that way about them!!!!
Brown Girl said…
That sounds like a good weekend, I'd love to see that sunset every day! Thank you for the sweet compliment!
Holy cow woman....you are gonna do everything there is to do there soon and then you wont have anything left...lol
Cute Tricycle too!!
Jen~nae said…
Wow Jody True Who!! Busy weekend! lol Sounds like a great time though!!! You just look so adorable in your lil outfits. :) :) Cute Cute! I love the pic of you and Daren. You guys are the cutest couple! :) How far away is that lake from your house??!! Man oh man!! If it's close you're SO lucky! That lake is gorgeous! I'm SOOO happy for you guys!!!!!!!! It looks like you guys are having such a blast! Now, at first I SO thought when you were talking about an old geezer challenging the tour guide about the bath houses, I thought you were talking about yourself! haha Until you said "he" was very annoying.....lol Then I realized.....haha But I could picture you askin a lot lot of questions to see if the tour guide was on his A game! :) :) hehe
Miss Anne said…
I LOVEEE flea markets! When I come visit, we MUST go! :)

I'm so glad you guys are having such a good time there.

You truly radiate.

Miss-happypants said…
What a fun weekend. Now you guys will have to go back and do the spa thing. Get into one of those hot spring tubs. :) That would be so relaxing and fun!

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