.7.22.09.." and the Bunkhouse..."

The..Our bedroom!
We have always wanted a log bed. when the Mr. saw this he had to have it...he's worse than me...where do you think I get this attitude from? I want it! I need it! I muuuuust have it!!

Remember when you were lil' and trying on tennis shoes with your parents? You would try to convince your parents a certain pair of tennis shoes, cuz it would make you run faster!! Ah C'mon I'm not the only one!

But we still have some re-arranging and what not to do!

And most of all, your probably wondering WHY in the world am I showing our home on my blog??? Why you ask?
Our parents, family, and friends back home would like to see where we live and what our home looks like :)
So this is a great way!
Stay tuned: Tomorrow....the Living room!
(we have 2 living rooms, so one is still being worked on...so you only get to see one..sorry!)
Happy Blogging!


This is so fun! I love seeing other people's styles. And your kitchen is beautiful!! So roomy!
Miss Anne said…
This is SO PERFECT for you guys!

I'm so glad you're getting all settled in... :)

You've made that house a H♥ME no doubt.


miss you!
Meg said…
Wow. You're very organized! I've enjoyed seeing pictures of your new home...thanks for showing them!
Lyryn said…
LOVE this room too!!!

Thank for the comment and coming on board and following me! I love new followers! That is exactly what I wanted people to get from what I said! MARRIAGE IS IMPORTANT and worth fighting for! Sometimes it’s too late to realize what you missed out on. God is good and I’m glad that people got to see that!
Love that bed - looks so cozy and cabin(ish)!!

The kitchen looks great too!
Ashley Pizarro said…
Too cute!

I just love that you are sharing you personal space with us! It gives me cute ideas too!

I love it! :) Can't wait for the living room!
Jen~nae said…
You're SUCH a great decorator!!! I love love love your sytle! Please decorate Warrens and my place!!! :) I love your house! You've made it so homey. :) But seriously, you should get paid for doing that! I bet you could!!! :) :)
Miss-happypants said…
So pretty so pretty!!! Your home is beautiful!

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