.7.31.09." My lil' Sis..my heart"

This is my lil' sister.
Everyone has one.
If your blessed to have such a wonderful blessing in your life. Then,
you all know, that you would kill any man or person...... who would dare break her heart.
There is nothing, I wouldn't do for her. My heart aches, when hers does...

She has such a golden heart and when she walks into a room...wow...she's amazing. She lights it up and puts smiles on people's faces like you wouldn't believe. Her personality is something else! You never know what this girl is gonna say or do. She's great. Her heart is pure and so trusting...so trusting that the wrong people have taken advantage of this trait about her...she is....precious.

This precious wonder is a remarkable woman. I should write a book about her.
She has overcome so many obstacles in this crazy world we call "life" and has been dealt the crappiest of all crappiest cards ever-presented to her!! She took the cards and would make the best of it...truly amazing....if someone else went through what this woman has gone through, they would have been committed, to an institution...

She has had the worst men in her life tell her she was A nothing, nobody, loser, and just awful things. She had nothing.

She went through her schooling and is now following HER dreams and hopes and found not just a wonderful man, but a man I have for the first time approved. { Thank you Sani, for treating her like the princess/queen she is}
In the past- I had no problem with walking up to whom ever she was with ,and tell them " Look, I don't like you. I will always be around. I can't be replaced. But you can"
I always stood in the shadows and let her run her "Time" with the losers until she saw what I saw.{yeah, okay I would put my two cents in..or three..}

But this post is for my remarkable lil' sister, and HER own determination, and HER own *will power *to have a happy life...she is doing it!
I'm so proud of her.
To make you better understand her and her life I would love to tell you more about it, but I respect her privacy and it's not mine to tell.
However, we have led parallel lives for sooo long.
I know the happiness she is feeling in her heart now.

I love and miss you SO much my sweet sister.


Miss Anne said…
:) i know you have big ♥ for her :)
Jen~nae said…
Awwww Jody!!! That blog made me tear up a bit....Its very obvious that you love your lil sis and all I can say is that she will LOVE this blog!!! You're an amazing older sis Jody True Who!!! :) :)
JennyMac said…
Really sweet post!
Tracy-Girl said…
what a lovely tribute to her... there is something really special about having a sister, and only people who have one understand that! i have two of them, and I love it!
tami said…
Thank u for that blog jody,,ur are so sweet and i adore u,,i admit iam crying like a baby at the moment because iam so touched!!i lov it tho:)and i miss u so much:(
Wow make a girl cry why don't ya! That is a very touching blog to/about your lil sis! You both are very lucky to have each other! You both are wonderful people!!!
Miss-happypants said…
Well said and very sweet. Tami is a very sweet person. We've been lucky to have her in our lives. :)

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