.2.21.09." 7 again..."

Wouldn't it be nice to be a whole 7 again?....
Well, okay....maybe not...but seven!!!!! Seems so young!......sigh....

This is MY Nephew's Daughter! Did I mention my nephew? HIS daughter?
Isn't she gorgeous!?

But it was her birthday party at Papa"s pizza in Corvallis last night...along with every other child's birthday in corvallis, too...popular day to be born..geez..
But She got this cute pink lil' guitar..(after Jill sees this blog, Taylor will have one!) Ha! Ha!
Daren tuned it for her, and posed her for me ,and she looked so cute! (yes, got incriminating pix of Daren with a pink guitar..)
The family was there and even my aunt Penny!! EEKK!! I love her.
I love having a big family, every family event..is like a mini reunion! Love it!
Happy Birthday sweet Faith!


OMG.....not one for Tayler....one for me!! Love it!!!

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