.2.23.09."Ta! Da!"....

I just love my nail lady!! {Alba Nails..in Albany, Or. next door to the DMV "tammy" is her name....}

But I took my friend's 'save the date' announcement in and asked if she could do the flower on my nail...for Anne and Jamie's wedding..

I simply loved it!! I thought she did a great job on it!

What I'm planning on is for her to do that on my toenails....without the green. Anne likes green so I did green today just to see what it would look like....

But I just love it and not bad for her first time! Smiley face!!!

I hope you like it Anne!


Miss Anne said…
OMG i l♥ve it!!!!

i intend on getting them on my toes !!! :)

thanks for doing that, they look so good! you're so sweet!

love you bunches!

p.s. when are we karaoking & pokernight????
OMG!! how cute!! Totally a unique idea for sure!!
Totally cool and sweet!!
Miss-happypants said…
That is so awesome!!!! Very beautiful!!!

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