.2.1.09." Snow!! part2"...

I jumped!
We snowmobiled the whole day on Sunday! Yes, and I can feel it everywhere....
I got up the nerve and did my first jump!Then after I realized how easy and fun, I kept going back over them..trying to get higher! Daren got it on video and then a still shot! Then me flying by him!!
I tell ya, this is addicting! I love it!
Daren is getting so good at this! His confidence in doing tricks and stuff is getting greater and greater! I'm trying to keep up with him! I wanted to learn how to pop a wheelie, but I had so much fun jumping. But next weekend ,will be that challenge.
We are trying to get as much "playing in the snow" as possible, before the season is over so we can shop off season for gear...get good deal$...to make sure we love this and wanna stay with it!


Miss Anne said…
You're crazy!

I have driven a snowmobile once, and it scared me to death!

So glad you guys had fun!
Miss-happypants said…
You'll get the wheely down soon! I know you will! Daren is getting good. In the videos it looks like he's been doing it for awhile.

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