.1.31.09 "3-D!!!"..

Very nice weekend!
Went to see my first official 3-D movie...loved the special effects. Was so ingrossed with the effects that the cheesey movie line turned into a comedy! I wasn't even paying attention..I kept asking my friend Anne, .."why is everybody laughing? What's so funny?".....I don't think she'll be wanting me to sit by her anymore at a movie...I kept talking!! Lol!! I usually don't do that, but I wouldn't shut up...sorry guys.
But it was a movie that was a must-see for the 3-D effects only.

And of course, Les couldn't keep her eyes open for the pix at the movies!! Lol! She's so funny!!
Missed you there, Jill!! Always many more movies though!!


Miss Anne said…
the movie was a blast... i enjoyed sitting by you silly!

Grrrr I really wanted to go too!!
Glad you all had fun!

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