.2.1.09 "Bonzai!!!"....

I got air!
It's not that far off the ground but it was fun!
It sure seemed like I was going faster and higher!
It bothered me that I looked like a girl riding a snowmobile..so I was watching the gys and how they positioned their body and stuff..I like watching people and see how they do things. That's usually how I learn. Watching. People explain things to me...alot of the times,...makes no sense..so after riding horses my whole life. Riding these machines is like a horse. Keep yourself center balanced and be ready for anything! I almost bucked myself off at one point!
But GREAT excersise! You wear yourself out.....love it!


Miss Anne said…
Ya, I bet it's alot of exercise! You have to keep balanced, control that huge machine, and stay on it the entire time!

Hope you guys had a good day today!
take me take me take me!!! I will fit in your pocket....lol
That looks like so much fun.
Miss-happypants said…
That is fricken HOT!!! Loved the videos. They were great! I love the body slide down the hill. Kenzi's favorite was you guys getting plowed with snow when he zoomed by!

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