.2.26.09.." Something's Been Bugging Me.."....

This is my new topic for things that bug me for now on..sometimes (well, since I was introduced into the blog world....I'd just write random stuff in my journal..just thoughts..But now..Yea for blogging!) I like to just say things that are on my mind..
Mr. FancyPants and I have a wonderful "couple" friends..(how do you word that w/ out sounding all weird and s&%t!!)
But anyhow they have been married ( I will not mention names..I have too much respect for them) for 19 YEARS!!!! Nineteen People!!!
And I'm sad to say they are getting a divorce. This totally saddens me. Since Mr. and I found this out, it has been on my mind and bugging me.
What has been bugging me is that..Why? When did this happen? I HATE the D word. When I find out couples are heading in that direction, I take it personal now. I don't know why.
Because then the Hate begins..when at ONe time in both their lives that person was their everything? And now hate? Why the change of feelings just because you don't share the same beds anymore?
I asked Mr. if I could "interview" Charlie..(I changed his name..sneaky huh?) he said "no".
I told him these are the things I'd ask..
*When did it change?
*Where you friends?
*Did you communicate? If something bothered you, did you talk about it, or sweep it under the rug and just hoped it went away? When it didn't go away did it just build up til him/her just left the socks on the ground was the last straw?
*Did you do things together?
*Was that person who you daydreamed of?
*Where you just comfortable, and not happy?
* Did you laugh?
* Was that person your best friend?
* Did you talk til wee hours in the morning? Or simply just talk?
* Did you do things together because you wanted to...or simply obligation?
* Did you give it your ALL?

I have other things too I'd like to ask also, that would stem from the answers..
So people, the bottom line...
just because it don't work in one Avenue doesn't mean it won't work in another...

I'm now just rambling...

I wish there was a secret to marriage and everlasting love. then maybe there wouldn't be so much sadness and broken hearts. I've Personally had my heart shattered into a zillion pieces..right in front of me. I don't like the feeling..you can't breath, think, talk, and walk,..you just collapse right where you are..you feel like you'll NEVER recover. Your simply gonna die of a broken heart. Your chest burns and aches all at the same time...

I can't say now that I know the secret to a happy, long, everlasting marriage..but I CAN say..

I will never go with knowing ,what being someones number 2, 3, or 4 is like.
Because I'm now my Mr.'s number one. I now know what it feels like.
I'm always put first in his decisions..his everything..even the simplest things...thank you Mr.

I will hope for the best for our friends, and maybe things can be worked out..

But in my opinion...laughter is one of the keys!! If you can't laugh with someone, it won't work.
I think laughter says alot. Your comfortable, relaxed, and feel good around that person...
You can't laugh if your unhappy, sad, depressed, mad, don't like the person/situation, or simply just don't enjoy life...

So!!! What is the secret to you? What in ONE word do you feel is the key to your life? Marriage? Happiness? And really think about it? What is sooooo important to you? Sum it all up in one word? Is it possible?

Take that answer and run with it....

MY WORD IS: Laughter.


HMMMM hard....
I think I would say....
My hubby is one of the funniest people I know....and heck we are polar opposites. And half the time I dont get his jokes/humor and he finds it funny he has to explain things to me sometimes...lol

You guys are so fantastic together....I am one of your biggest fans you know...I have been behind you both from day one!! I think the love you have is full and wonderful and you complete one another!!
Miss Anne said…
I feel in addition to LAUGHTER... it's COMMUNICATION.

Talking through things, talking from the heart, talking honestly is key.

so laugh, talk and laugh some more!

Mrs. Nurse said…
I would say "laughter." I feel like if you don't have the ability to have fun then you aren't going to have an enjoyable life :). Thanks for your comment on my post. I am adding your blog...look forward to reading in the future!
Mrs. Nurse
Miss-happypants said…
Well...I can't say I know the answer to that one. I obviously am one of the ones that didn't make it. I can say that friendship, laughter, and fun helped greatly. Unfortunately if you don't have HONEST communication, it all goes out the door. No matter how much fun you have. But you my dear, have nothing to worry about. You and Daren have an amazing relationship and communicate more than anyone I know. You guys have an amazing chemistry and friendship. I can't imagine that going anywhere. I just hope I am as lucky as you someday sweetie. Love ya!

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