.2.27.09.."Scrapbook Retreat.."

Yea!!! Whoo! Hoo!!
Finally here.....I have been eagerly awaiting this weekend for some time...
I have another..yes, another "famous" dentist appt. this morning..Ha! Ha! But sorry ladies wouldn't be any video done today! Only a cleaning....no numbing...darn it.

But heading the the cold coast after work with friends and my hubby! He's working on a snowmobile video while I scrap at my hearts content next to the Ocean!! Jealous? Little?

I can't wait to wake up to a storm! Yea!

But however I will definitely do some blogging and put pix on for Monday!

So stay tuned and have a fab weekend..I know I will! For those of my BFFs that can't make it..I will miss you dearly and there is next time AND Monday is sign up for Nationals in May!! F.Y.I.!!!

I will be reserving a hotel room for us...

Toodles for now!


Kyla said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
And a I'm jealous. Not just a little, either!
EEEEEKKK !!! It is here!!
Weekend at the coast!
Our dear friends that cant make it will be missed but good news is....ha we can plan more trips..
I need to sign up for Nationals....Remind me again!!!
Mrs. Nurse said…
have a great weekend!
Miss Anne said…
I'll miss you guys dearly! Have tons of fun!

Can't wait to see pics!

YES, i want in on nationals!

Miss-happypants said…
The coast was fun. I wish I could have stayed the whole time, but enjoyed the day! It was great spending time with the three of you. :) Hopefully in a couple of months I can make it for a whole weekend. :) Love ya guys!

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